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The Pug is depicted as a small, tough, short dog breed. They are also known as the clown of the Dog world since they have an incredible bone that seems funny when they flaunt. They always like to show off their great sense of humor. Even when they are purebred, they are often found in shelters and rescue groups.

 History of Pugs

Pugs are the old type of dog, which were firstly traced around 400 B.C. Most historians debate that the variety started in China, where they certainly were reproduced as pets for the rich. This doesn’t come as an astonishment to Pug enthusiasts, and they are going to be quick to let you know that pug’s skill causes their owners to feel just like sovereignty.

With their kin nature of flexibility, Pugs became well optimal lapdogs and partners. They remained with Tibetan Buddhist priests within their communities and being around religious sentiments they got VIP treatment as allies by Chinese heads and their own families. They used to keep them as gatekeepers and employees to secure and concentrate on them.

Three forms of level confronted canines were reproduced by the Chinese: The Lion canine, the Pekingese, and the “Lo-sze,” also called the old Pug.

Information about Pug

Height25-33 cm
Weight6.4- 8.2 Kg
Life span13-15 years
Breed Size33-43 cm
NatureFriendly, attention seeker, and sensitive
Average PriceINR 10,000 – INR 13.000

Highlights of Pug

  • Stubborn: You may find Pugs as stubborn and obstinate to housebreak. Crate training is one of the methods to teach them to behave well.
  • Don’t tolerate heat: Pugs can’t endure heat due to their short muzzle. The air gets cool as it goes through their nose having a long muzzle and then to the lungs. Take care of your dog when it goes outside as heat can create uncomforted for them. Pugs are most definitely house dogs and so suggested not to keep outside as they cannot resist the heat.
  • Shed lot: Regardless of the brief covers, Pugs shed a lot.
  • Snore loud: Pugs wheeze and snore so often and loudly.
  • Companionship: Pugs need steady friendship and companionship. Make them sit in your lap, and need to snooze in bed. Anticipate and let them chase after you.
  • Carefree: Pug is very carefree. They love events, marches, and enhance the Pugs.
  • Sensitive Eye: Since their eyes are so sensitive, Pugs are inclined to get eye wounds.
  • Greedy eaters: Pugs are ravenous eaters and can eat whenever they see food. They can gain weight very easily due to heavy eating and so need to be monitored.

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Appearance of Pug

Pugs have a square body joined with an extremely round head that includes a creased face. They have confronted canines and so-called brachycephalic. Their head part is genuinely huge, contrasted with the rest of their body, which is smaller with a back that has brief solid little legs. A small twister tail adds enchantment to their appearance.

  1. Ears: Pug ears are fragile and little and rose-molded (where the ear resembles a rose) or button-formed.
  2. Eyes: Pug eyes are enormous, extremely circular, and jut fairly from the real face, making them more powerless against injury. They’ve dull eyes yet radiance.
  3. Nose: A Pug’s nose is dark, and their gag is brimming and short with brilliant kinks.
  4. Height : Male: 10-13 inches  and Female: 10-13 ins
  5. Coat Length: A Pug canine’s coat is smooth and short.
  6. Coat Color: Pugs appear in two tones: grovel and dark. Perhaps you are more familiar with the famous grovel shading, the strong dark color is a striking appearance. 
  7. Tail: Pug tails twist up over the body height. 
  8. Weight: Male: 14-18 pounds and Female: 14-18 pounds

Characteristics of Pug

The Pug’s funny face, with profound kinks around huge, dull eyes and face that is round can’t resist the urge to make you grin. It’s accepted that the Pug’s name comes from your message that is Latin “clench hand” since their face takes a similar size as a human clench hand. 

Pugs are comedians on the most basic level which is fundamental yet they convey themselves with poise. Pugs are fun canines that are loving and all set for games, yet they are loving and close to their people. Pugs love to be the center of attraction, as they become sad whenever ignored.

Pugs are heavy and square, typically gauging close to 20 pounds. Their heads are huge and round, with huge, round eyes. They have profound and kinks which can be particular their countenances. 

With Savvy character, Pugs are loving and cheerful, steadfast and beguiling, perky and naughty. They are exceptionally smart and they can be very reproductive.

Whenever prepared and very much mingled, they coexist well with various other pets and kids. They are a definite decent choice for coexisting occupants as they are only a little, relaxed variety and are somewhat idle when inside. They need to be kept inside as they are not able to tolerate heat.

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Size of Pug

The weight of a Pug can depend upon many factors like genetics, health, lifestyle, and neutered status.

Pugs weigh somewhere in the range of 14 and 18 pounds (male and female respectively). More often than not, they are 10 to 14 inches tall at the shoulder.

Pugs have an accepted place with the sidekick grouping of canines. Completely developed, these puppies are 10 to 12 inches tall and weigh somewhere in the range of 14 and 20 pounds.

When completely grown pugs tend to be between 10 inches and 13 inches tall in centimeters, they’re somewhere in the range of 25cm and 36cm. Male pugs will sometimes be taller than female pugs.

Life Span of Pug

The pug that has good and average health live for 12 to 15 years. The lifespan of a Pug canine is somewhere in the array of 12 and 15 years. The normal male lives up to 12.8 years and female Pugs live somewhat longer, with a normal life expectancy being 13.2 years. All things considered, Pug can live long around 15-17 years, if they are healthy in their youth.

Health tips for Pug

Short dogs quite often have a longer life than tall dogs and the Pug is one of them. Pug lifespan is just about 13 to 15 years. Notwithstanding, there are a couple of health problems you ought to realize about, so you have to provide your pug better health for their life.

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Here are some of the health tips for your little Pug-

  1. Eye Issues: Since Pugs have sensitive eyes, they are more inclined to have eye issues. Examine your Pug’s eyes from time to time if there is any sign of any issue in the eye. Consider Veterinary care if you find any issue in your pug’s eye. Veterinarians usually provided some medication and eye drops as a treatment.
  2. Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia happens as soon as the hip joint is not framed doesn’t fit right. Some breeders take care of that by testing parents to ensure the prevention of Hip Dysplasia. The treatment includes Weight loss, therapy, and surgical.
  3. Skin Issues: Keeping your pug clean is very important. The skin folds need extraordinary consideration to prevent contaminations. Pet guardians should clean the Pug’s facial kinks and around the privates with gentle wipes otherwise, they may get skin issues.
  4. Hypersensitivities: Pugs are hypersensitive to the skin. These can be triggered by anything in the meals they eat or by their way of living. Thankfully, your veterinarian can treat sensitivities with either dietary changes or prescriptions depending upon the cause of sensitivity. 

How to take Care of Pug

It is important to regularly check their health, looking for any changes in their body and any aches or pains. In fact, as we all know, dogs can not inform us when they are actually suffering from any problem. In reality, they are experts at hiding health issues So it is up to us to find them.

  • Pup resistant the home: This is something accomplished for a standard premise all through your Pug’s life while numerous proprietors do in the fervor and readiness of bringing another puppy into your family.

Sealing your home includes eliminating things that are little at the floor, setting ropes far off or enveloping them by string defenders, tracking down new spots for shoes and different articles that might be bitten, and putting kids resistant locks on any lower cupboards that a Pug might have the option to get close enough to.

  • Perform grooming on time: The Pug is inclined to skin yeast diseases, eye issues, and is a heavy shedder which requires a lot of caring and grooming. It is ideal to adhere to a timetable to groom your pug timely frequently.
  • Remember about a conditioner for wash-out: After washing hair it gets open during the shampooing and a conditioner smooths them down.
  • Eye support: Pug’s eyes are enormous and fairly swelling which implies they are defenseless against picking directly on up garbage that can disturb the optical eyes and scratch the cornea. Little food molecules are additionally the explanation in some cases for eye contamination. Keep the eye region clean by cleaning it much of the time as after every supper time can be useful
  • Keep your Pug on a healthy diet: What you choose to feed your Pug will have both short and long-term consequences, affecting everything from weight maintenance to allergies to health that is intestinal. 

Wellness offers several good alternatives in their line, and you also are taking care of helping them keep off excess weight, a good low-calorie food is preferred for an adult Pug.

  • Make sure your Pug drinks enough water: Water keeps your dog’s body hydrated. It’s essential for this breed to stay properly hydrated and this is very true in the summer whenever it’s hot and through the winter when the outdoors is dry. Pugs need to drink 1.5 to 2 ounces of water per pound of body weight, a day.

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Nutrition/Food Requirements for Pug

The calories in your pet’s food come from vital nutrients that play an important role in energetic growth and development. 

  1. Dry kibble:  It has healthy nutrients that are enough for your pug. It’s the absolute choice that commonly pet owners have for their convenience and storage life. It offers perks and maybe a choice that is acutely healthy for your pug if you buy the right kinds of dry kibble.
  1. Wet meals: Wet meals are exceptional in terms of nutrition, however, it results in frequent teeth cleaning so your pug doesn’t get plaque accumulation and develop tartar. So keep that point in mind.
  2. Homemade food: It might be time eating to make,  you have full control over the ingredients. It is the best option to serve all the desired nutrients. Keep a check in mind if your pug is sensitive to any specific ingredients or has known allergies.
  1. Pugs could wish for various supplements including mineral, skin, and joint health supplements, etc.
  2. Consult your vet to acquire the most useful diet for the good health of your Pug. 
  3. Whether to provide your Pugs a treat that is chewable mixed into food, they taste good, your Pugs will like them.

Grooming tips 

As it is known That Pug loves to get attention and love and learn to enjoy all of the adoration and affection. Grooming is one of the ways to show your love to Pug. It is also essential to care your Pugs need and some of the tips are given below-

  • Shampoo and Conditioning: Always shampoo and condition your pug’s hair with specifically made for dogs products. People have a PH that is different in balance to your pet. Shampoo and conditioner of humans can dry out your pug’s skin and cause discomfort, irritation, and discomfort. 
  • Drying Your Pug: Use a large, absorbent, soft towel to soak up water and dampness on your pug. Since pugs have facial folds and skin that is wrinkly so gives a blow-dry to their skin and hair. If moisture remains in between the folds which can be facial it may cause infection and a smelly odor.
  • Clean Ears: Cotton gauze is suggested for cleaning your pug’s ears. Gently remove wax buildup using the cotton ear and gauze cleaner that’s been recommended by the veterinarian. 
  • Trim Nails: Trim the nails frequently and gently of your Pug. Keep your pug calm as possible and gently hold their paw in just one of both hands. Use special nail clippers that are particularly made for dogs. Carefully trim the tip of each nail, utilizing the guide that is generally provided with the nail clipper set. 
  • Brush Teeth: Brush your Pug’s teeth with a rubber finger glove that fits over your index hand or a pet toothbrush. Lift your pug’s cheek flaps to achieve one’s teeth which can be back. Use toothpaste that is dog-safe as your pug might enjoy the taste since most have a chicken scent and flavor. Carefully brush your pug’s teeth and along the gum line to avoid the buildup that is plaque.

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Exercise For Pugs

Exercise keeps your Pug fit and active. Some common ideas of exercises are given below-

  • Walking: It is the most obvious way to exercise with your Pug. simply take them for a walk on a daily basis. It will keep him healthy and fit.
  • Hiking: Plan an exciting trip and take your Pug hiking with you.  Always make sure that the park is dog-friendly. Make sure to bring plenty of water and a bowl with you and give your Pug water frequently as Pug is not very well with heat.
  • Hide and Seek: Playing a game of hide and seek with your Pug can help stimulate their minds while increasing their abilities which can be problem-solving. 
  • Teaching Them New Tricks: Pugs love tricks that are learning are brand new time-taking tasks for you. Teach them new commands that will help them to walk on their feet. Pugs are smart and when you’re willing to make an effort that is appropriate to train them, they will surprise you.

Price of Pugs in India 

DelhiINR 9500-25,000
MumbaiINR 9,000-25,000
BangloreINR 9000-25000
KolkataINR 8500- 20,000
ChennaiINR 8,500-22,500
PuneINR 85,00-24,500
HyderabadINR 8,000-40,000
AhmedabadINR 8500-19,500

How to Find Pugs in India.

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