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Lowest Dog Grooming & Hair Cutting Price in Delhi NCR Starts @ ₹700 - ₹1250

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Dog Grooming in Delhi
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Pet Grooming at Home in Delhi

Lowest Cat Grooming & Hair Cutting Price in Delhi NCR Starts @ ₹750 - ₹1150

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At Home Pet Grooming Service Testimonials

Surobhi, Preetvihar
Surobhi, Preetvihar
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On-time, experienced Groomer. i was satisfied with service.
Jiya, Saket
Jiya, Saket
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Rajesh handled the pet very well . Would recommend them to all pet parents.
Nidhi Ranjan
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I recently used the pet grooming service provided by Patmypets. The groomer arrived punctually and brought along all the necessary tools and equipment. What truly impressed me was the personalized approach they took.

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Pet ownership comes with lots of responsibility from feeding your pet to pet grooming, you need to take care of everything. If you have a dog/cat as a pet, you have to be extra careful about its grooming as dogs/cats are hyperactive and need extra while grooming. Luckily, pet grooming is possible at home in Delhi. Patmypets is one of the best platforms here you can get assistance for pet grooming at home in Delhi. Your bunny friend will be in the hands of highly experienced and trained pet groomers who can make your pet grooming a fun experience at home for your dog & cat.

Our expert and certified pet groomers understand your dog’s & cat’s grooming needs and provide you with the first class services. From dog massage to dog bath, from nail clipping to haircut, all the services are available at your doorstep from Patmypets, one of the best pet grooming at home in delhi.

What is included in At Home Pet Grooming Service in Delhi @ Patmypets

While talking about Dog grooming & cat grooming, usually people come up with dog bath, cat baths and nail clipping. Surprisingly, Pet grooming at home is more than just bathing. At Patmypets, pet grooming services include full pet grooming including dog bath, hair cut, nail clipping, ear cleaning, paw massage, tick and flea bath.  Patmypets is the best dog & cat grooming services in delhi as we provide the overall dog & cat grooming in Delhi with the high quality products. Pet grooming at home from patmypets is the most trusted and reliable service as we love your pat equally as you do and love to provide the best grooming for your dog. You can select from the wide range of pet grooming services and packages from our website and book your pet grooming at home according to your pet’s needs.

Wide range of pet grooming services in Delhi at Patmypets

Lets know more about dog & cat grooming services in detail:

1) Dog & Cat Bath at Home in Delhi

Dog & cat bath services at home is available at patmypets. Our pet bath services is highly beneficial for your dog as it remove dirt and odor, strengthen dogs bones, softens the coat, reduces shedding and allergies and monitor your dog’s health. This is one of the important steps after pet grooming.

2) Dog & cat Hair Cut Service at Home

Dog & cat haircut services at patmypets ensure a good looking dog at your home. Overgrown hairs make your dog look untidy and increase the chances of many diseases. Regular hair cutting of your dog will make it look good, presentable and reduces the chances of attracting diseases. Our experts pet groomers know the best haircut for your dog & cat and do their work very carefully.

3) Dog & Cat Nail Clipping Service in Delhi

Dog & Cat nails, if not cut on time can be very dangerous as it can cause serious injuries to others as well as dogs. Dog nail clipping ensures the safety of your dogs and others. Our professional pet groomer perform their tasks with extra care and make your dog & cat well groomed.

4) Pet Ear Cleaning in Delhi

Ear dirt or wax leads to ear infections and other ear related issues. Cleaning the ears is a very important part of dog grooming services as dogs usually keep on running here and there and attract lots of dirt which usually gets deposited in the ear. Avail the best pet ear cleaning services in Delhi at patmypets.

5) Paw Massage in Delhi

Paw massage for dogs is important to relax their muscles and ligaments and stimulate blood flow. The massage needs to be done properly for the best results. Getting professional help for your dog paw massage can help you provide the best grooming to the dog. At patmaypets, our experts know the best paw massage techniques and provide the best message to your dog.

6) Tick & Flea Bath in Delhi

Ticks and fleas are the bugs that transmit many diseases to your dog and are very painful. They also lead to fur fall and make your dog look awful. If your dog has attracted tick and flea, you need to take action urgently. Book the tick and flea bath for your dog at your home with patmypets for a professional tick and flea treatment. We will also provide you the high quality products to make your dog tick and flea free. This pet grooming service takes time and need extra care when done with medication.

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  1. Best pet grooming service at home in delhi ncr.

  2. I had done service via patmypets. There groomers were exceptionally good. Iyt should be rename as pampered pet grooming.

  3. This is second time, i have availed service at patmypets for pet grooming. They have fully quipped groomers and handle pet very diligently.

    Tayyam Swami
  4. I just tried their service for first time and the overall experience amazing, the way groomer (Govind) handled my pet Rio and their customer service is also awesome and the icing on the cake is the discount coupon you get for purchasing products after service.

    Keep up the good work. You guys have a long way to go!!!

  5. Best pet grooming service in Delhi at affordable prices.

  6. Can tell the people that Patmy pets groomers really care about your dog and they great service.

  7. LOVE the care & attention my dog was given! The cut and cleaning was done beautifully as well.

    Jyothi Mallick
  8. Thank you for taking such good care of our Sylvia. She is now such a pretty and clean little girl!

    Kalyani Divate
  9. My dog is always ready quickly and looks great. He is not stressed as used to be at the other places

    Shalini Gupta

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