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Dr Romesh Rajoriya

Dr Romesh Rajoriya

B.V.Sc & A.H., M.V.Sc (scholar), Veterinary Surgeon & Physician

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Dr Pradeep Gouda

B.V.Sc & A.H., M.V.Sc (Medicine) Veterinary Doctor

Need Advice on your Pet's Health? Now Consult a Vet Online 24/7

‘Pet’ is just a word for those who own one because these pets are just like their family to them. And you do not call your family member a ‘pet’. Whenever your family person gets ill or starts feeling low you immediately want to take them to see a doctor and want to confirm that there is nothing to be worried about their condition. In the same way, when these most entertaining and loving family members of yours become ill or do not feel the best version of themselves you get worried and want to know about the problem with them. You either want to call a vet at your home or want to take them to one by yourself. But, considering today’s scenario at the time of this pandemic nobody wants to physically go to see anyone more specifically, doctors. If you are in the same situation and want a solution to the same, you are absolutely at the right place.

Pat My Pets allows you to have an online consultation with vets through which you can easily tell your concerns about your furry friends and can get solutions to the problems. This way you do not even have to take your most loved out of your house and you will even be able to cure the illness or any specific problem of your pet. Now, you must be wondering how can anyone diagnose a problem without even touching or doing any examination of the patient. At Pat My Pets we have highly qualified doctors who have experience of several years with these furry balls and they can easily diagnose the problem of your pets.

Benefits of Online Vet Consultation at Patmypets

You don’t need to take your pet out of the house if you want to take them for any check-up as it is not necessary that you will only get a solution when you will meet the doctor personally. Also, online vet consultation has several benefits let us have a look at these benefits below:

  1. You do have to stay alert about your safety at the time of this pandemic when you are consulting online with a vet.
  2. The fee for online vet consultation is almost the same as the fee for an offline vet consultation, so you do not have to worry about the access fee.
  3. Your pet will feel comfortable in its home environment and will be quite cooperative while online diagnosis.
  4. You do not have to put extra effort into making your pet feel comfortable with the vet during an online consultation.
  5. An online vet consultation is more affordable than an offline vet consultation as you do not have to expend money on your travel from your home to the clinic while taking your pet to the vet.
  6. During online vet consultations, you can easily search for the best vets around you on the internet after which you can easily book an appointment according to the time that suits you.

These were some of the benefits to mention, however, there are so many more than these which can not be mentioned as they are the personal experiences of different people. So, if you will have an online vet consultation for your pet you will also have a different kind of experience that you can not mention.

Why choose Us For Online Vet Consultation?

Choosing Pat My Pet over any other online website for fixing an online vet consultation will let you have a satisfying experience. This website will let you talk to the best doctors available who will make contact with your pet also so that the pets can easily cooperate during the diagnostic sessions. Some of the benefits of choosing our website are given below:

  • Our website will cost you less and will provide the best facility possible.
  • Our website will let you choose the timing for online vet consultation as per your and your pet’s convenience.
  • The doctors available on our website are experts at making friendly contact with animals so that your pet does not feel that some random stranger is there in front of them.
  • In case you are not satisfied with a one-time online vet consultation, you can have multiple online consultations till you do not feel satisfied with the results.
  • Our doctors have experience of several years and only by observing the behaviour of your pet, they can tell the problem your pet is going through.
  • Not much medication is given for the recovery of the pets.
  • The doctors available on our website can also provide a daily diet chart for your pet so that your pet does not suffer from any kind of illness in future because of bad eating habits.

These were some of the benefits to mention and as per we have mentioned that some experiences can not be mentioned in words, all of our users are very much happy and satisfied with our services, you can check the ratings as well as the mentions of their personal experiences.


Ans. During the time of an online vet consultation, you will have to mention the problem because of which you thought that you should take advice from a better doctor.

Ans. It completely depends on the website through which you are booking the online vet consultation whether they will provide a chat session or a video call session.

Ans. Yes, the medicines will be easily available but all you have to do is make your pet take those medicines as per the timing prescribed by the vet for fast and proper recovery.


In India, online vet consultation goes upto RS 300-500, While personal visit to vet cost upto Rs 800-1000 .

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