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Lowest Dog Grooming & Hair Cutting Price in Faridabad Starts @ ₹700 - ₹1250

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Lowest Cat Grooming & Hair Cutting Price in Faridabad Starts @ ₹750 - ₹1150

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At Home Pet Grooming Service Testimonials in Faridabad

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Best pet grooming service in Faridabad. I loved their way of working.
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Trained groomer. My pet was aggressive but their team handled it very well.
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I am with Patmypets from last 1 years. Their pet grooming services never disappoint me.

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Are you stuck in a busy life schedule and not getting time for pet grooming visits? No need to worry anymore; book pet grooming at home in Faridabad Today! Patmypets offers the best pet grooming services at home in Faridabad, such as bathing, hair cutting, Nail clipping, ear cleaning, etc. 

We have highly expert certified pet grooming professionals who understand your pet’s needs and provide first-class services. Our groomers will make your pet grooming session full of fun and joy. Your pet will love pet grooming in Faridabad with Patmypets. We are the most trustworthy and reliable at home pet grooming service in your city, using high-quality products. 

Why get your pet groomed by an expert with Pet grooming in Faridabad?

Usually, busy pet parents don’t get time for their pet care, leading to matted fur and health issues. Here, professional pet groomers can help in offering regular pet grooming while the pet parents meet their schedule commitments. 

Professional pet groomers at Patmypets give their 100% effort in grooming your pet. They do not merely brush the pet fur but ensure it detangles and gives a nice haircut. You can book pet grooming services at Patmypets, and our expert professionals will visit your place to offer your pet the best grooming ever. 

1) Perfect at handling pets

Many breeds are hard to handle during bathing or haircutting; even the parents find it challenging to calm their pets during grooming. The expert professionals know the tricks and techniques to handle and calm the pets. Grooming becomes easier when the pets are calm. Our expert groomers at Patmypets are highly trained for pet handling and grooming.

2) Thorough Pet Cleaning

While bathing your pet yourself, you can’t be 100% sure that the pet will be cleaned thoroughly. Pet grooming professionals are trained to provide a thorough wash and ensure the complete cleaning of the pet’s body. It further leads to improved health and hygiene of the pet. Your pet will get the best possible care at every grooming session with Patmypets.

3)Detect Underlying Pet Infections

You might not detect if your pet has caught any infection, but pet grooming professionals know the symptoms and can easily detect any virus growing on the pet. The groomers observe the condition of fur, any lump, or other conditions to find out any possible infection or inflammation. This leads to early detection of the potential health risk, and you can get the treatment done on time.

4) Pet Expert advice

Professional pet groomers can provide the best advice based on their experience and expertise regarding your pet’s care. They can warn you about any unusual signs they might notice in your pet or any suspicious condition growing in your pet. Our experts can also give you tips for caring for your pet at home. 

Services for dog & Cat grooming in Faridabad at Patmypets

Patmtpets offers various services for pet grooming in Faridabad. Our expert professionals are highly experienced in providing complete pet grooming services. Some of the common services available at Patmypets include:

1) Pet Bathing in Faridabad

Pets run a lot outside the house, attracting fleas and ticks on their coats. Our pet groomers use the appropriate bathing shampoo to ensure they are free from dirt, fleas, and ticks. Hair brushing and trimming after bathing can give your pet cleaners an attractive look.

2) Pet Brushing & Combing

Pet brushing requires special brushes according to fur type. Our groomers are highly experienced in pet brushing and understand which brush will suit your pet’s fur. They quickly remove damaged hairs and enable new hair growth. The detangling can be painful, but using the appropriate brushes and our groomer’s expertise will make the process painless and enjoyable.

3) Pet Ear and Eye Cleaning in Faridabad

Our professional pet groomers are experts at handling the delicate body parts of your pet’s body, such as eyes and ears. The pets get gunk accumulation in their eyes and ears but cannot wipe it off themselves. The pet grooming professionals will carefully clean your pet’s ears and eyes.

4) Dog & Cat Hair At Home in Faridabad

For pet parents who love to see their pets in stylist and attractive haircuts, Patmypets offers the trending hair cutting service under pet grooming in Faridabad. Our groomers are experts at the hairstyling of pets. If you also wish to give your pet a trendy and unique look, book pet grooming in Faridabad at Patmypets.

5) Other Common Services at Patmypets

Patmypets provides various pet grooming services under one roof. The common services available are Nail trimming, teeth Brushing, De-shedding treatment, Anal gland expression, Dematting treatment, and many more. 

Book your appointment ASAP with Patmypets to offer your pet high-quality grooming sessions at home.

Why choose Patmypets is the Best Pet Grooming Provider in Faridabad?

  • Patmypets has grown dramatically in recent years because of the exceptional services we provide to the pets. Our customers are always happy and satisfied with the conduct of our groomers and the way they handle their pets. 
  • Almost every pet parent complains about their pet shedding hair, leading to hair sticking around the house. We understand the frustration of the pet parents. However, it is impossible to completely eradicate hair shedding, but we can control it to a great extent. Our professional pet groomers provide exceptional pet grooming in Faridabad, which helps reduce shedding and makes pets and parents happy. Book your pet grooming appointment Today and get a cleaner, shedding-free furry friend. 
  • Our attractive and budget-friendly packages for pet grooming in Faridabad will make your pet grooming session more cheerful. You are not required to go out because our experts will provide the grooming session at your home. You can book the appointment at a date and time convenient for you. Our groomers are the pet parents. Thus, they understand how stressful some pets can be during grooming. They are very affectionate and loving to the pets, making them comfortable before starting the grooming session. 
  • We believe in clear and transparent conversations with our clients. Our experts discuss the pet’s needs or any special condition with the pet parents beforehand to ensure that the best possible grooming keeps in mind the expectations of the pet parents. 
  • We proudly provide pet grooming all over India to countless numbers of pets and share the load of pet parents in bringing up their fur babies. 
pet grooming FAqs

At Home Pet Grooming in Faridabad - FAQs

For Dogs, Pet grooming in Faridabad costs between Rs. 950 to Rs. 1850.  while for cats, the charges lie between 1100-1900, depending on services chosen by the client.

For basic Pet grooming in Faridabad, the time required is approx. 90 minutes. However, if you choose comprehensive grooming, it may take upto 2-3 hours.

Our expert pet groomers use high quality shampoo to bath the dog and appropriate brushes to brush their hairs. For deep conditioning of the dog’s hairs, they use scented conditioners.

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