Pomeranian (Pom): Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

The Pomeranian, a cherished companion for both royals and commoners, is renowned for its tiny stature and big-dog demeanor, weighing no more than seven pounds. With a distinctive double coat in various colors, the Pomeranian’s vivacious personality and foxy face contribute to its status as one of the most beloved toy breeds globally. Despite their small size, Pomeranians are alert, intelligent, and easily trainable, excelling as both watchdogs and playful family pets. Their energetic nature is balanced with adaptability to indoor play and short walks, making them suitable for city and suburban living.

Originating from the Pomerania region in Europe, these Spitz-type dogs are characterized by their compact size, fluffy coats, and spirited temperament. Their fearlessness, liveliness, and natural curiosity create an endearing and inquisitive appearance. Pomeranians are known for their enthusiasm in mastering tricks and games, but their true joy lies in providing companionship and laughter to their human counterparts. Regular grooming is essential to maintain their luxurious coat, and early socialization plays a crucial role in shaping their friendly demeanor. In summary, the Pomeranian is a delightful and adaptable breed, blending charm, intelligence, and affection in a pint-sized package.

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Average sizes and life expectancy of Pomeranian

Pomeranian Height

7 - 13 inch inches (male)
7 -12 inch inches (female)

Pomeranian Weight

4 - 4.5 lbs Pounds (male)
3 - 7 lbs Pounds (female)

Pomeranian Life Expectacy

10-16 Years

Pomeranian Weather Adaptability

Understanding the temperature tolerance of Pomeranians is crucial for safeguarding their health and overall well-being. This comprehension not only aids in averting potential health issues arising from extreme temperatures but also guides pet owners in choosing appropriate activities, grooming routines, and living environments for their Pomeranian. It extends beyond ensuring mere comfort; it stands as a pivotal factor in preserving the health and happiness of your Pomeranian.

Pomeranian Stats



Dog Breed Group

Spitz Dog

Coat length



Orange with black or brown marks or solid white, or black and tan color

UKC Class

Companion Dog


4 Star

Grooming Needs

3 Star

Social Needs

3 Star

Pomeranian Traits

The outgoing Pomeranian is intelligent and full of energy. He enjoys meeting new people and generally gets along with other animals, although he may occasionally perceive himself as larger than he actually is. Caution should be taken to prevent him from challenging larger dogs due to this misconception. Pomeranians, known for their alertness and curiosity, excel as watchdogs and will vocalize in response to anything unusual.


5 stars

Good With


Other Dogs

3 stars

Good With Kids

3 stars


4 stars



Energy Level

3 stars


3 stars

  • Coat length : The anticipated length of the coat of the breed. Breeds with long hair can be trimmed too short, but they need regular maintenance to keep them in good condition.
  • Color:
  • Barking: Does the breed bark a lot or howl. Some breeds bark at everyone, while others bark only in certain circumstances. Some barkless vocal breeds use other sounds to get attention.
  • Grooming Needs: The required frequency of grooming of the breed includes bathing, trimming, and other techniques. Consider the time, money, and patience necessary for grooming while looking at the efforts required for grooming the breed. Regular nail trimming is essential for all breeds.
  • Social Needs
  • Size
  • Friendliness
  • Good With Other Dogs: What is the behavior of the breed toward other dogs. Dogs need supervision while interacting with other dogs, but some breeds inherently love to play with other dogs at home and outdoors.
  • Good With Kids: How the breed tolerates and shows patience in the behavior of the kids. Dogs must be supervised around kids, especially those with less exposure to dogs.
  • Tendencies
  • Energy Level: The requirement of exercise and mental stimulation of the breed. Dogs with high energy levels are ready to go and love to explore more. These dogs usually run, jump, and play all the time. Dogs with low energy simply love to lay on the couch and snooze.
  • Playfulness: How much the breed loves to play even after crossing the puppy age. Some adult dogs love to play games like tug-of-war or fetch the ball, while others prefer spending their time relaxing on the couch.
Pomeranian Overview

Pomeranians Grooming

Pomeranian grooming is essential to keep the pet away from infections. Pet grooming is easy and can be done using some simple tricks and techniques: 

  • Brushing the Coat

Pomeranians have a double coat that requires frequent brushing with a pin brush and slicker brush to prevent matting. Brush weekly to the skin to maintain the coat’s beauty. Professional grooming every four to six weeks is recommended for a full groom, including bath, brushing, ears, nails, and anal glands.

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  • Wiping the Eye Area, Preventing Tear Stains

Daily wiping of the eye area is essential to remove debris and prevent tear stains. Cleanse off particle debris and dried basal tears using a gentle approach to avoid irritation and staining.

  • At-home Dental Cleanings and Care

Regular dental cleaning is vital for Pomeranians to prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, and other dental issues. It contributes to overall health and longevity. Combine veterinary exams with at-home cleaning and care for optimal dental health.

  • Wiping the Coat and Spot-Cleaning

Wiping the coat removes allergens, debris, and stains. It maintains cleanliness between baths and adds a pleasant fragrance. Grooming wipes can enhance shine and softness.

  • Paw Care

Proactive paw care is essential for Pomeranians. Apply paw protection wax to guard against irritants, burns, and dryness. The wax provides traction and safeguards paws from various surfaces.

  • Nose Care

Protect your Pomeranian’s nose from the elements by applying a nose balm. This barrier prevents dryness, chapping, and cracking. Allow some UV exposure for pigmentation retention.

  • Giving Baths

Baths are crucial for cleansing accumulated body oil, improving skin and coat health, and removing odors. Proper baths with suitable products enhance the overall grooming routine.

  • Cleaning the Ears

Ear cleaning frequency depends on the dog’s susceptibility to wax buildup and infections. Regular at-home cleanings may be necessary, especially for those prone to ear issues. Veterinarian guidance is crucial.

  • Trimming the Nails

Trimming or filing a Pomeranian’s nails is a delicate task. Owners can do it themselves, but caution is needed to avoid cutting the quick. Professional groomers can handle this task if preferred. Regular nail maintenance is essential for your Pom’s comfort and well-being.

Pomeranians Prices & Adoption in India



Pomeranians Price (₹)

Pomeranians Price ($)

Andhra Pradesh (Vijayawada)

Himachal Pradesh (Shimla)

(₹)5,000 to (₹)70,000

$60.22 to $843.80

Arunachal Pradesh (Itanagar)

Jharkhand (Ranchi)

(₹)7,000 to (₹)70,000

$84.31 to $843.80

Assam (Dispur)

Karnataka (Bangalore)

(₹)10,000 to (₹)70,000

$120.44 to $843.80

Bihar (Patna)

Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram)

(₹)5,000 to (₹)70,000

$60.22 to $843.80

Delhi (New Delhi)

Haryana (Gurgaon)

(₹)12,000 to (₹) 70,000

$144.53 to $843.80

Chhattisgarh (Raipur)

Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal)

(₹)8,000 to (₹)70,000

$96.35 to $843.80

Goa (Panaji)

Maharashtra (Mumbai)

(₹)10,000 to (₹)70,000

$120.44 to $843.80

Gujrat (Gandhinagar)

Manipur (Imphal)

(₹)15,000 to (₹)70,000

$180.66 to $843.80

Haryana (Chandigarh)

Meghalaya (Shillong)

(₹)5,000 to (₹)70,000

$60.22 to $843.80

Mizoram (Aizawl)

Nagaland (Kohima)

(₹)5,000 to (₹)70,000

$60.22 to $843.80

Odisha (Bhubaneshwar)

Punjab (Chandigarh)

(₹)5,000 to (₹)70,000

$60.22 to $843.80

Rajasthan (Jaipur)

Sikkim (Gangtok)

(₹)15,000 to (₹)70,000

$180.66 to $843.80

Tamil Nadu (Chennai)

Telangana (Hyderabad)

(₹)15,000 to (₹)70,000

$180.66 to $843.80

Tripura (Agartala)

Uttarakhand (Dehradun)

(₹)51,000 to (₹)70,000

$614.25 to $843.80

Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow)

West Bengal (Kolkata)

(₹)10,000 to (₹)70,000

$120.44 to $843.80

When you adopt a pet, it not only gives you joy but also helps a dog in need. Although you can easily buy the Pomeranian from breeders or stores, if you consider adoption, it will be a noble cause. There are numbers of Pomeranians waiting to go home, why not give them a chance to live a happy and safe life. The overpopulation crisis of the pets can be managed by adoption and you can easily contribute to this cause. Abandoned animals deserve love and care and adoption can help them get the love of their part. You have a chance to make a difference in the lives of these fur babies by adopting them. 

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