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Dog Grooming Packages in Ghaziabad

Fresh Pack @ ₹ 700

✅Bathing with shampoo
✅Blow Drying
✅Nail Clipping
✅Ear Cleaning
✅Eye Cleaning
✅Paw Massage
✅Powder & Perfume
✅Mouth Spray
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Pampered Pack @ 1150

Minor Hair Cut Paw & Mouth Area
Bathing with shampoo
Blow Drying
Nail Clipping
Ear & Eye Cleaning
Paw Massage
Powder & Perfume
Mouth Spray
Sanitary Cleaning
Under Paw Trim
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Full Grooming @ 1250

✅Full Body Haircut
✅Bathing with shampoo
✅Blow Drying
✅Nail Clipping
✅Ear & Eye Cleaning
✅Paw Massage
✅Powder & Perfume
✅Mouth Spray
✅Under Paw Trim
✅Anti-Tick Shampoo if required
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Cat Grooming at Home Packages

Cat Grooming At your Doorstep in Ghaziabad

Fresh Meow Pack @ 750

✅ Cat Bath & Dry
✅ Conditioning
✅ Cat Minor Haircut
✅ Spirtz of perfume
✅ Cat Teeth Cleaning
✅ Cat Nail Clipping
✅ Cat Paw Massage
✅Cat Combing/Brushing
✅ Cat Ear & Eyes Cleaning
✅ Cat Mouth Spray
✅ Cat Sanitary cleaning
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Pampered Meow Pack @ 1150

✅ Cat Bathing with shampoo
✅ Conditioning & Blow Drying
✅ Cat Nail Clipping
✅ Cat Ear & Eye Cleaning
✅ Cat Paw Massage
✅Cat Combing/Brushing
✅ Cat Powder & Perfume
✅ Cat Mouth Spray
✅ Cat Haircut Styling
✅ Cat Sanitary Cleaning
Under Paw Trim
✅ Anti – Tick Treatment
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Pet Grooming at Home

Expert Pet Groomers in Ghaziabad

Our dog groomers are experience and professional.

Mess Free Grooming in Ghaziabad

Dog groomer that comes to your house and clean house post grooming to look at it was before.

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Easy scheduling of pet groomers with our innovative interface.

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24*7 Support in Ghaziabad

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I just tried their services for first time and the overall experience was amazing,the way groomer handled the pet and their customer service is also amazing.

Grishma, Ghaziabad

Very well trained and professional team our groomer Rajesh handled the pet very well . Would recommend them to all pet parents.

Mathur, Raj Nagar

How does our Dog Grooming Service Work in Ghaziabad

The 4 Steps to Get Pets Grooming At your Doorstep


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Get Grooming Service at Home

Pet Grooming Service at Home in Ghaziabad

A pet’s well-being is related to dog grooming. It is exactly just like the human. How we take care of ourselves is exactly what you need to provide to your beloved pet. Pets feel great when they looked after by their masters correctly. To provide the best dog grooming, you have to evaluate a few elements that include canine size, dog temperament, species and so on. You need to choose dog grooming techniques considering all these elements. Grooming of dogs include a lot of things such as nail clipping, hair brushing, shampooing, ear care, making them learn disciplined regimen etc.

To ensure proper grooming session of dogs, it is important that you should take the help of veterinarian. His suggestion here matters a lot. He is the one who holds both knowledge and experience in this field and therefore, you can expect to avail the best grooming service from them. Dog grooming online is a popular concept now. A lot of pet groomers now provide dog grooming online service.

But among so many options, you need to choose the best one and therefore, you have to do a bit research work to gather detail information about it. You can either give grooming to your dog at your own residence or you can choose to transport your pet to a grooming specialist who will do this job for you.

List of Best Dog Groomers in Ghaziabad

S.No Name City Address
1 Siddhant Noida Noida
2 Subham Noida Greater Noida
3 Madhukar Noida  Sector 76 Noida

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