Dog boarding service

Best Dog & Cat Boarding Service

Pick up & Drop AvailableCage Free Boarding
2 Time Walking & Playing24*7 Camera Live Feed
Trained Care TakerVeg & Non Veg Food

Our Facility For Playful Pets in With Best care Takers & Live Camera

Features of our dog Boarding Centres:

24 * 7 CCTV access
Fully AC
Leash free stay
2 times walk
Meal as per your choice
12000 sq.ft play area
Pick up and drop facility
Grooming facility
Daily housekeeping with strict protocols
Separate area for aggressive and large pets

Daily Routine at boarding Centre

6 am Rise and Shine!
6 am-8 am Let’s go out
8 am-9 am Breakfast
9 am-10 pm Power Nap
10 am-2 pm Playtime
  • Our meal program is based on vet recommendation globally, as per American Kennel Club there should be a gap of 8-12 hrs between meals for adult pets.
  • If you pet has a special routine of meal please do let us know we will adhere to it
2 pm-4 pm Naptime
4 pm-5 pm Let’s go out
5 pm-7 pm Dinner Time
7 pm-8 pm Dinner
8 pm-9 pm Let’s go out

Best Dog & Cat Boarding Service

Those days have gone when you have to worry about keeping your dog alone at home. With the emergence of the concept of dog boarding facility, you can go on a vacation or a business trip without worrying about your pet. Dog boarding in Noida provides the ultimate safety and a healthy environment to your beloved furry friend. Whether you need to train your dog or to keep your friend busy with other canines while you are busy at office, dog boarding service is a great option to opt for.

So, leave your dog in at Patmypets dog boarding center and observe the changes that it brings to your furry friend’s life. Dog boarding centers are designed in such a way that it caters all the specific and generic needs of dogs. The services available at dog boarding centers include –

  • A fun-filled and safe environment for your beloved pet
  • It helps your dog to enjoy a safe interaction with other dogs and pet lovers
  • The dog boarding centers will lure your furry friend to participate in playgroups, play with soft toys, play with humans and so on. They not only provide to routine care dogs but also provide sheer personalized attention to each dog.
  • Dog boarding centers have a team of dog lovers are professional trained and thereby assure maximum amount of care from their end and make your dog’s day a fun-filled and safe environment.
  • Lastly, putting your dog in a dog boarding center benefits you and your dog. You can spend a day without worrying about your pet and your pet, at the same time will be equally benefitted. Your dog will learn how to play and interact with other dogs in a safe and friendly environment.

What is Pet or dog boarding service?

It does not matter how much you love your beloved pet, there will always arise a time when you have to leave them behind for some reasons. Be it for illness, travel or work-related issue, you have to find an alternate option to leave your dog in a safe place when you are away from them. Dog boarding service is all about keeping your pet in safe environment, When you are not with him.

Moreover, pet travel is not an easy option. Still, there are some pet owners prefer to leave their pet owners with the neighbors who don’t even know the difference between dog food and pet food. Therefore, keeping them in a dog boarding Service center is the best option where your beloved furry friend can receive the best care and attention while you are away from home.

How to find dog boarding service near me?

Finding dog boarding services near me is an easy task now. The online platform has made it easier. Just type dog boarding centers near me in the search box of any of the search engines and you will find thousands of options to choose. However, while selecting a dog boarding service, you need to keep in mind a certain factors like the environment of the place, how many staffs are there in the center? Are they properly trained? How safe is the place for your pet and so on. Considering all these factors while selecting a dog boarding service center is very important. You have to select a safe, fun-filled and trustworthy place for your dog. You have to make sure that your dog receives great care while you are away from him.

What will be provided to your pet during boarding ?

Your beloved pet will be occupied with fun and enjoyment from dawn to dusk. The dog trainers will always be there to provide proper attention to your dog and ensure that they are having good times with them.

What are the benefits associated with dog boarding @ Patmypets?

Choosing a dog boarding place is an important decision while you are away from your beloved pet. There are a number of options available now. Just take a look at the benefits and find out why it is a great decision to choose a dog boarding service while you are away.

  • Dog boarding and companionship

By taking your dog to a dog boarding service center, you can ensure that your pet will receive regular interaction and attention. If you have a dog, some kennels may even provide some playtime with other dogs which is really appropriate. The extra care and fuss is very important for the pets who often suffer from separation anxiety.

  • Proper nutrition and exercise

Dogs require regular exercise and proper nutrition. A professional pet boarding services ensures these two things. They provide exercise time as well as nutritious food. In fact, if your pet is leaving on a special kind of diet, they will provide it to your beloved pet.

  • Additional services

Some of the pet boarding service providers in offer some additional services that include pet grooming and training classes that helps boosting the pet’s comfort and happiness during their stay.

  • Expert care

When you keep your beloved dog in a dog boarding center, you will get a peace of mind that your beloved pet is in safe hands. The staffs are professionally trained to ensure that your pet will be looked after with empathy and skill. The people at dog boarding centers have the love and passion for animals. They are professionally trained and hold expertise in the respective domain.

here are some dog boarding facilities that prefer to keep the dogs in a large room together where they get the chance to interact with each and other and socialize. Well, this may not seem to be a good option for many pets as it involves some kind of risks. Therefore, it is important that the person who is responsible for managing the kennel must have experience in dealing with animals that belong to a variety of personalities. While selecting a dog boarding center, you need to make sure that the staffs hold many years of knowledge in handling dogs. They should be well-trained to understand dog’s behavior. Managing a dog is a challenging task. Someone with experience can only handle the temperament of dogs. On the other hand, a less experienced handler may have to face aggression and separate the dogs that have the trait.

Before you decide to leave your dog in a boarding center where they keep the dogs in a common room, make sure you visit the facility to see if the animals there are relaxed and happy. If you find signs of stress in their behavior such as scratching, shaking, avoiding eye contact, refusing to eat, growling, biting etc. assume that this place is not right for your dog and start looking for another.

In today’s age, there are many veterinarians who provide dog boarding service for their clients. Dog boarding is basically a secondary business for the veterinarians. But they may not have the most up-to-date facilities. You have to check them out properly before keeping them there. If your dog has health problem or it is elderly, keeping your dog to a veterinarian is the best option. He will do regular health monitoring of your pet and make sure that he stays healthy while you are away from home. Although, a dog boarding center has all the arrangements to deal with emergencies.


Answer: The average cost to board a dog is 600-800 per night. However, this rate varies from place to place. These boarding centers are equipped with all types of facilities to make your dog feel comfortable and happy. If you want customize accommodation for your dog, the cost may rise.

Answer: You can choose from the following options –

Pet sitting. Using a pet sitter is a good option
Dog boarding center – the best place for interaction with other dogs and can receive great care
In home pet sitting
Family, friend or neighbor

Answer: Yes, you can leave your dog in a dog boarding center for a month. Initially, your pet may feel unhappy, but with a professional trainer, you will starting enjoying and playing with other dogs.

Answer: Dogs are basically social animals. They love interacting with others. If you have to leave your pet alone for some reasons, it will create a great effect on them initially. However, they are adaptable creatures who will adjust with others when you are not around.

Answer: With regard to companionship, it is suggested that dogs should not be left alone for more than four hours depending on their age.

Answer: Most of the experts suggest that you should not leave your dog for more than eight to 10 hours. However, there are some dogs can’t last that long and therefore, you should prepare them before you leave.

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