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Pet Parents
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One of the best service I have got in Delhi. They were neat and clean and showed vaccination certificate before grooming my gunny.
Labrador Owner
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Service provided was pretty good. I have availed full grooming service. They cut my dog hair nicely and made it like a groom. Definitely i will give them a second chance.
Pomeranian Owner
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My pet got tick and flea, i was referred by my neighbor. I am pretty impressed by their service. Recommended for grooming service.
At Home Pet Grooming Service Near you

Pet grooming Service at Home Near you

A pet’s well-being is related to dog grooming. It is exactly just like the human. How we take care of ourselves is exactly what you need to provide to your beloved pet. Pets feel great when they looked after by their masters correctly. To provide the best dog grooming, you have to evaluate a few elements that include canine size, dog temperament, species and so on. You need to choose dog grooming techniques considering all these elements. Grooming of dogs include a lot of things such as nail clipping, hair brushing, shampooing, ear care, making them learn disciplined regimen etc.

To ensure proper grooming session of dogs, it is important that you should take the help of veterinarian. His suggestion here matters a lot. He is the one who holds both knowledge and experience in this field and therefore, you can expect to avail the best grooming service from them. Dog grooming online is a popular concept now. A lot of pet groomers now provide dog grooming online service.

But among so many options, you need to choose the best one and therefore, you have to do a bit research work to gather detail information about it. You can either give grooming to your dog at your own residence or you can choose to transport your pet to a grooming specialist who will do this job for you.

What is the importance of pet grooming?

A healthy coat of a dog takes place with proper shampooing, cleaning and consistent combing. Most of the canines take pleasure while doing grooming of dogs. The brushes are adjusted as per the dog’s hair. Those which are heavily furred dogs need brushing and cleaning every day to reduce knitting and hair matting. This task should be done regularly and a groomer is an expert in doing such types of things. Medium haired dogs require combing at least once in a week, while short hair dogs don’t need brushing often. It is important that you provide the best grooming service during shedding time. It is used as a method that helps to decrease fur building up.

Well, hair brushing is seriously joyous activity but nail trimming is seriously a nightmare. Handling the paws of dogs is the most challenging task no matter what type of breed it is. This is the reason that most of the pet owners prefer to take their dogs to the groomers who holds expertise in this field. They think that they could possibly harm the dog while doing this procedure.

What is pet grooming – check out some important facts

Dog grooming includes a number of things such as brushing your dog’s hair that ventilates their coat, help it to grow healthy and take out old and damaged hair. Grooming is an essential part if you want to keep your beloved pet healthy and happy. Grooming ensures that your dog’s skin care can breathe and level down the grease in the coat. The presence of too much of grease can block the pores badly and cause severe irritation and various types of skin issues.

With our busy lives, sometimes it becomes quite challenging to take proper care of our dogs. You may find it a time-taking chore. Sometimes, you may even feel that their coat looks to be in okay shape so, what should you bother? But you have to give proper attention to it so that no skin issue arises. Dog grooming not only benefits your dog but your pet too.

But before we discuss further, let’s explain what this grooming service includes. How often you should groom your pet, how brushing should be done and so on. grooming of dogs are done in various ways – starting from nail clipping, dog hair trimming, cleaning teeth to cleaning ears, a lot of activities are performed during this session.

What type of pet grooming services are offered at home?

1) Looking good to feeling good later

Just as brushing your teeth is satisfying that helps minimizing various types of dental issues in the future. Grooming your furry friend is a similar task now.

For example, cleaning pup’s eyes with specially formulated pet eye wipe helps to wipe away tear stains and remove debris which may cause duct blockage. At the same time, combing your dog also helps to remove small tangles on a regular basis which means large mats.

2) Regularly checking dog’s health

Grooming is an important factor because it is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the dog’s body. For example, combing your fury pet after in the yard is important to inspect whether there is any kind of fleas and ticks take place in their body. If you clean your dog’s teeth on a regular basis you can easily find out whether there exists any kind of gum issue or not. Therefore, it can be said without any doubt that with consistent grooming, you can easily spot problems in your pet and find any kind of potential issue you can discuss with your pet’s veterinarian.

3) Maintaining a safe and clean home

Apart from helping your dog looks fabulous, he will also feel great inside. Proper grooming helps to keep your home clean. The more you brush your dog, the more hair you can capture in the brush and gradually wash them out through shampooing. You will notice less hair on your couch and bed. Moreover, we all love to cuddle with a freshly bathed clean smelling dog. It is a basic human nature.

4) Helps to establish a bonding with your pet

When you hire dog groomers at your home from a professional place, it gives you a chance to spend one-on-one time with your beloved pet. The groomer will help you establishing a bond with you. The professional dog groomers use grooming gloves because it lifts excess hair while giving therapeutic massaging. It creates a positive grooming experience.

Moreover, grooming helps to develop a trust in your pet. It makes them feel that you are a good master and you are giving proper care to your dog. At each grooming, you will get a chance to give your fury friend to show some love and attention

Regular grooming helps to improve the overall well-being of your pet while making your life easier.

How this “at-home” pet grooming works?

You can get this pet grooming service in the following ways –

  • Schedule booking of online service
  • All you have to choose your preferred time and day
  • The professional pet groomers bring all kinds of equipment.
  • There is no travel stress for your dog.
  • Grooming service is done at home.
  • Groomer cleans up everything once the session is done
At home pet grooming services near your home

Tick & Flea Treatment: Professional groomer helps in getting rid of ticks. Ticks are plucked by hand in tick prone areas. Prevents further itching and irritation to skin.

At home dog grooming services near your home

Full Grooming: Hair cutting/trimming gives a fresh look. Paw massage soothes and also maintains paw skin. Takes care of entire body parts and there cleaning. Helps in marinating overall body hygiene.


The professional groomers must hold minimum 3 years of experience in this field. You must choose a professional agency for hiring pet care takers. It is their duty to ensure that your beloved pets should be in safe and skilled hands.

Whether you need an at home pet grooming, pet training or vet on call, online pet grooming is the best option. the pet groomers are professional who holds both knowledge and experience. Since they are pet experts, they understand their requirements well. You can trust them to keep your pet happy, sweet and healthy. However, it is not only about pet love. It is about the passion that makes them committed to provide best care and love to the pets.

At the same time, the unconditional love that you get from your pet also deserves the best care. That the pet groomers have come up with an idea to provide the safest, relaxed and fun-filled experience to the little creatures. Pet are said to be the mini bundles of celebration and joy. The time we spend with our pets is the most relaxing one. The pleasure they bring to our lives is truly incomparable. Therefore, these pets deserves more than just care and so the pet grooming professionals are here to enhance the quality of lives of these furry friends.

From pet grooming at home to pet training, veterinarian care, whatever you want, you can avail everything. However, it is your responsibility to choose an expert for availing these services. You must choose one whom you can trust. Along with this you also need to make sure that when you need the veterinary doctor, they must have that to provide the service. To start the search, just dog grooming near me in the search engines, you will get to see thousands of options to choose. Check out each of their services carefully and then select the one that fulfills your requirements in the best way.

Check out some exciting dog grooming

The time duration of dog grooming mainly depends on the breed, the size, needs and the temperament of the breed. This grooming time may range from half an hour to two hours. You need to make prior appointments as per your convenient time.

Introductory puppy bath and dog spa

This service is provide to the dogs which are six months old. This package includes –

Oil massage
Nail clipping, hair trimming
Organic bath
Dog spa
Teeth and ear cleaning
Blow dry
Complete bathing for dogs

This package includes the following services –

Oil massage
Teeth and ear cleaning
Nail clipping
Blow dry
Haircut and bath for dogs

This grooming service includes –

Oil massage
Ear, teeth and eye cleaning
Nail clipping
Blow dry
Overall coat brush
Face trimming
Shed-less dog grooming service

This de-shed grooming service includes –

Cleansing with specialized essential oils
Deep cleansing with conditioner and shampoo
Nail clipping
Ear and eye cleaning
Application of conditioner
Application of paw butter.

The basic dog grooming services include –

Breed specific haircut
Regular grooming is essential for your pet’s health as it helps preventing various types of sin issues

Customized dog packages are also available. If you want you can choose customized package as per your dog’s requirements.

Adopting a pet can change your whole life style. When you are adopting a pet, you also need to ensure their good health. You have to consider a number of things while choosing their food, assorted shampoos or other types of grooming products. The market is flooded with a large number of product options. Almost all of them will claim to provide the best result, but among them, you need to choose the best one which give the best result. Sometimes, you will get to notice some unusual characteristics if your pet spends too much time outside. The skin started smelling stinky and therefore, their skin requires special kind of treatment. This is the time, when your pet requires tick and flea bath. The dog groomers use tick and flea cleaning shampoos for bathing.

Maintaining the hygiene level of the pets should be your main priority and to do that you must take the help of professional groomers. Always choose those types pet hygiene solutions based on natural ingredients and science. Gentle and effective cleaners coupled with essential oils and natural ingredients provide the best results. They are also suitable for all types of dogs.

Tick and flea creates potential health risks for the dogs. It is possible to pick up this kind of disease anytime of the year. During the time of winter, the risk is apparently high because these insects may thrive in our homes. Cats and dogs that spend most of their time outside are at higher risk of picking up fleas. This is because the dogs spend most of their time outdoors. They are at a higher risk. Tick and fleas may enter homes.

In early days, sprays, flea collars, powders and shampoos are the main things for flea control. These products were more toxic but now the manufacturers produce tick and flea control shampoos using natural ingredients. therefore, it is suggested to use medicated shampoos only which works effectively in treating skin infections which your dog may develop during flea infestation.

The common types of tick and flea treatments include –

Oral tablets: this is a great option for preventing tick and fleas. It is safe for all types of dogs. These types of oral tablets which are used to fleas should only be obtained from your veterinarian.
Spot-on-flea treatments: There are different types of spot-on-flea treatments are available that provide effective results within a short period of time. However, for getting this treatment, you should fix an appointment with a veterinary doctor who will help choosing the most effective treatment for your dog.

Basically it depends on the services which you want to obtain for your dog. If you are looking for customized packages, then it will cost a bit high.

You should gather all types of grooming tools. Ask to calm your dog, remove tangles and mats, pre-bath trimming and clipping, combing, bathing and drying.

Yes, you should give a bathe to your dog before grooming and give them complete blow dry.

They use both shampoo and scrub for bathing of dogs. The professional groomers use scented conditioner for doing deep conditioning of their skin hair.

For grooming an anxious dog, you should start with brushing and massaging. These are the first two steps. After that, you slowly introduce grooming tools that include nail clipping, hair trimming and so on.

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