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This Proud, Independent dog breed variety resembles a Cat in appearance. They are not the one who gets friendly to anybody but just with the person they know. It makes them exceptionally protective and defensive toward the person or a family they live with. Their loyalty makes them amazingly faithful toward their owner. So, Don’t neglect to bring this protective and loyal friend to your home.

Chow – Chow are purebred dogs. They are normally found in shelter and rescue groups. Dignified and genuine, this breed is one of a kind. They stand up to 20 inches.

As found by analysts, they don’t have any odor and are called the cleanest dogs. They possess varieties of tones in coats. They are like felines as they run extremely quickly. They are active and solid even without practice.

If you’re thinking of adopting a Chow Chow or want more information on how to take care of them, we’ve got you covered! This article will cover everything you need to know about the history behind these dogs, as well as the special care they need to remain happy and healthy.

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History of Chow Chow

Chow is an antiquated dog variety found in China. It’s consistently been disarray that Chow is created from a Spitz-type dog or spitz-type dog bred out from the Chow. These breeds haven’t been followed back to a thousand years.

Likewise, these dogs were used as sled pullers, trackers, and animal garters. Chow has been gotten from the Chinese word Chow, which implies edible.

The chow breed became well known in the Western part in late 1800. Then it became one of the top variety of the time. During the cultural revolution, numerous chow breeds got wiped out as they couldn’t adjust to the local world.

Chow was well known and rich rundown through the 1920s. President Calvin Coolidge and her wife took in this dog in the white house named Timmy, dark berry and red Chow. Expert Sigmund Freud and her girl Anna were fans of this breed; this turned into the most adorable dog breed of the time.

Chow became the top choice for television shows. This acquired them 64th rank by AKC among 155 breeds of the dogs.

Information About Chow

Height17-22 inch
WeightMales: 18-41 kgFemales : 16-39 kg
Life span9-13 years 
Breed Size17-20 inch
NatureLoyal, Active, and Independent
Average PriceINR 30,000-50,000


A couple of the features of Chow-Chow are given below-

Chow-Chows are independent and reserved, and they need an owner who appreciates them for their quality.

  • Chows need to be socialized and introduced to new individuals, pets, and circumstances early. It guarantees that they are protected when they are grown-ups.
  • Chow Chows might bond with just a single individual or even their close family. They are dubious of outsiders.
  • Chows must be brushed 2 or 3 times each week to keep their coat in great condition.
  • Chows can dwell in small houses and apartments well if given daily workouts.
  • Due to his profound set eyes, the Chow has restricted fringe vision.
  • To get a healthy Chow breed, never purchase a doggy from a puppy mill, a pet store, or a raiser who doesn’t give wellbeing clearances or certifications. Search out an expert reproducer who tests healthy breeds to guarantee they don’t inherit congenital infections.
  • The medium-size Chow is a hearty dog with a strong, unequivocally fabricated body and a tail that bends all through the back.

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Appearance of Chow Chow

The Chow is a square dog with post-like straight legs. The Chow has erect ears, a broad skull, and a curled tail. The breed has clearly, the blue/dim tongue. The facial crimps give the Chow a grimacing appearance. The Chow is a more strong, sturdy dog.

Tail set high and passed on  to the back with four straight, strong legs. The back legs have apparent angulation when seen through the side view, and the pawn joint is clearly under the hip joint. The gigantic head is wide and are with short skull.

Chow –Chow has a smooth or an offstanding twofold coat. The Chow is a perfect work of art of superbness, dignity, and ease. They have a unique blue-dim tongue and scowling expression.

Characteristics of Chow Chow

In any case, his teddy-bear appearance, the Chow is doubtlessly not a friendly breed. They only get well with the person they live with. He is dubious of strangers. This cunning breed needs to be trained well. He responds quickly to instructions like play, praise, and food rewards.

A Chow is a breed that’s not defenseless against wandering. However, you’ll, in any case, need to fence if you have a yard; it will shield him from the crowd and restrict outsiders from moving toward him in case you are not around to regulate as we know they are not good with strangers.


The size of the Chow Chow ranges from 17 to 20 inches while the weighs ranges from 50 pounds to 75 pounds.

Life Span

Chow Chow has 8 to 12 years of lifespan. Numerous components can affect why one  Chow breed may live eight years, and another Chow will live 12 years or significantly longer.

Genetic characteristics, diet, health, home life, stress level are various factors that can affect the life span for Chow Chows and any dog breed.

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Health Tips for Chow –Chow

All dog breeds have the probability of developing health problems and diseases. Don’t buy this breed from any breeder who doesn’t offer a health guarantee for your puppy.

Breeders should be honest and open about the health reasons of the Dog.

The Chow has some health problems, which can be an issue. This includes hip and elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, invulnerable thyroiditis, and eye issues like cascades, distichiasis, and glaucoma. Pemphigus foliaceous, insusceptible skin condition, melanoma, a kind of infection, and gastric turn are found in their health.

Chow Chows are strong, but like any other pets, prone to health issues.

In Chows, you need to be prepared to check health clearances through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for hips and through the Dog Eye Registry Foundation (CERF)  to check the condition of Eye.

Some clinical issues don’t appear until your Dog grows up and a health certificate isn’t provided to the puppy. So, It’s advisable to have Chow only after the health check.

Two major diseases a Chow can get through his life are-

• Dog Hip Dysplasia :(CHD) is a heritable sign wherein the thighbone doesn’t fit comfortably into the hip joint. A couple of dogs show misery and shortcoming using one or both back legs, yet you won’t see any signs and signs of pain in your dog with hip dysplasia.

Since the ages, joint irritation could shape. X-pillar assessing for hip dysplasia is done by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or possibly the University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program (PennHIP). Hip dysplasia is hereditary, but it may be reduced by regular factors, like a speedy improvement from an undesirable eating routine or wounds.

• Entropion: It makes the eyelid roll inside, upsetting or hurting the eyeball. One of the two eyes can be affected. For example, if the Chow has entropion, you may see him scouring at his eyes. The situation may be corrected cautiously.

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How to take Care of Chow- Chow

Some of the Care tips you should remember when you have Chow –

  • The Chow is a spitz-type dog that adapts to any home to an apartment. They need to live indoors as they can’t tolerate heat outside.
  • Like most dogs, a grown-up Chow needs day-by-day exercise to stay solid and healthy, however very little — he’ll be happy with a couple of 15-minute strolls every day or one longer walk.
  • Skin and support care, The Chow has a fairly significant appearance. The face space of this dog is vigorously crumpled. These particular skin folds need specific support care. As Ancare Veterinary Clinic clarifies, the deep folds of skin on a Chow’s face and body can get infected if they’re ignored.
  • Coat care, The two fold layer long coat might straightforwardly affect your dog’s wellbeing and backhanded effect on life expectancy.
  • The explanation is that the Chow relies on their coat to help them self-direct internal heat levels and shield them from dangers.
  • Chows are more than equipped for learning whatever you can instruct, and a verbal rectification is all that is needed to teach them out. No dog should get hit, yet it is particularly counterproductive in the case of Chow. The savagely pleased and autonomous Chow won’t ever react to physical abuse. Love and care make them respect you, and you will not have any issue instructing him. 
  • Breeders should consent to have all test results, positive or negative, distributed into the CHIC database. Do not buy this little Dog from breeders who can’t give you medical documentation regarding health issues. Getting the dogs “vet checked” is unquestionably not a substitute for genetic wellbeing testing.
  • Recollect that when you’ve brought a new pup into the home, you can shield him from one of the most widely recognized medical problems: heftiness. Maintaining a Chow healthy weight is among the best ways of expanding his life.

Nutrition for Chow Chow

Suggested day by day s food amount for Chow- Chow is 2 to 2 3/4 cups of top-notch dog food every day, separated into two dinners.

How much your grown-up dog eats depends on his size, age, fabrication, digestion, and movement level. Dogs don’t all need a similar number of food as other pets. 

Likewise, the norm of dog food you buy likewise is significant — the higher your dog food nutrition is, the further it will presumably go toward supporting your pet’s health. Keep your Chow looking great by estimating his food and taking care of him two times per day instead of leaving food out constantly.

If you don’t know whether your Chow is hungry or not, try this method out-

To start with, peer down at him. You should have the option to see a midsection. Then, at that point, place the hands on his back, thumbs across the spine, given the fingers spread descending. You ought to have the option to feel not see his ribs and never need to press hard. Assuming that you can’t, he wants less food but more exercise.

If you are uncertain whether he’s overweight, go for a checkup.

Grooming tips for Chow-Chow

  • The Chow is accessible in two coat types: Rough and smooth. Both have an undercoat and a topcoat. The rough has a bountiful coat that stands off from the body. A great ruff outlines the zenith; the tail is plumed in this manner. The legs have padding too.
  • The smooth coat will not have a wealth of topcoat that describes the roughness, and afterward, he does not have a ruff and padding from the tail and legs. In any remaining regards, the coats are something very similar.
  • Grooming relies upon the type of coat. A smooth-covered Chow needs brushing just a week after week white rough coat chow chow needs to be brushed every day. The two assortments were shed vigorously at regular intervals. A bath is essential; a hot shower joined by an enormously careful blow-drying can eliminate shedding coat.
  • Trim the nails as required, as a rule, one time each month. Clean the teeth frequently for great all-around wellbeing and new breath. Look at the ears week by week for soil, redness, or a negative scent showing contamination. If ears look messy, clear them out with a cotton ball hosed with a delicate ear cleaner suggested by the veterinarian.
  • For brushing, you want a steel Greyhound brush with medium-coarse teeth, a medium-size slicker brush for the legs, a medium pin brush for the rough body coat, a coat conditioner for moistening is needed for the coat while you brush. Never brush a dry coat, or maybe the hair will break. Brush right down to the skin to remove miss mats and tangles.
  • Other Grooming needs to incorporate dental cleanliness and nail care. Clean your Chow’s teeth something like 2 or 3 times each week to eliminate tartar development and infections. Every day is way better. Trim his nails daily, perhaps a couple of times 30 days. If you can hear the nails just tapping the ground, they need to be cut down. Short nails keep up with the feet in great condition and prevent disease and self-injury to Dog. 

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Exercises for Chow-Chow

Dogs are typically lazy and need exercise to become active. Pup needs practice from an early age for growth and development. Proper exercise works exceptionally effectively in the development of a pup. 

Dogs are inclined to illness, and exercise is one of the unique strategies to forestall them. This makes their joints and bones solid.

Some unknown Exercises can cause an issue with the dogs; thus, it is important to take all the data about exercises as per the variety of dogs.

With time, joints and muscles become more vulnerable and dogs less dynamic with low energy. Exercise helps in postponing such issues in the Dog. Exercise additionally deal with the weight of the Dog effectively.

Overall, Chow needs a 45-an hour of activity in the day-by-day schedule.

Chow is extremely dynamic and energetic even without exercise; however, it should be regularly practiced for a great wellbeing.

The following are a couple of ideas to give exercise to your Chow.

  • Play with toys: Provide your Chow with a proper determination of toys. Dog toys are a decent technique to possess and engage your dog, consume energy, and proposition mental incitement.
  • Tug of War: Tug of war is a magnificent strength-building game for some dogs. This makes them squat and pulls back to utilize more energy. Ensure that it is a controlled game and release when you need them to be. The objective of strength-building practices for dogs isn’t really to make muscle mass. Solid muscles give security to the joints and ligaments, helping to prevent injury.
  • Jolly Ball: A Jolly Ball is an almost indestructible ball for dogs as they push and pursue around. They are in various sizes and styles and are also available with rope and handles. A Jolly Ball is a decent exercise to engage the Chow Chows for regular crowding impulses.

Cost of Chow- Chow in India

DelhiINR 30,000-52,000
MumbaiINR 30,000-50,000
BangloreINR 35,000-55,000
KolkataINR 29,000-50,000
ChennaiINR 30,000-52,000
PuneINR 27000-52,500
HyderabadINR 27,500-50,000
AhmedabadINR 25,000-50,000

How to find Chow Chow in India?

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