Boxer Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

Boxer Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

Boxers are one of the popular breeds in the world. These breeds are medium-large in size and were originally developed in Germany. They are fun-loving, cuddly and loyal. Their enthusiastic nature and dedication thrive for human companionship and a good environment. These breeds have a great sense of humor and love to play around. They love to get attention from the people around them and want their family to play, run and romp.

If you are looking for an energetic, family friend puppy and easy maintenance breed, then this may be the best breed for your home.

History of Boxer

The Boxer breed was originated in Germany. They are the descendants of mastiff, bulldog and great Dane breed. They were originated in the late 19th century. They were known for their working skill as eye seeing dogs. These dogs were used for hunting beer, wild boar, and deer at that time.  They were also famous as butchers helpers as they were good at controlling cattle in slaughterhouses. They also were used for bull bating in earlier times.

Boxer’s name is derived from the German word Box (Slaughter designation). 

They became well known as a police dogs. They were best known for their loyalty and became family pets, fond of children. George Alt named one of the local brindle coloured female dogs Flora and named a fawn and white male dog Lechner’s box. They believed that they bred and made the start of a line for the boxer we know today.

They took place in other parts of Europe in the 1890s and came to America after world war I. In 1904 they were imported to U.S. and were registered by American Kennel Club after a dog named Arnulf Granden. In 1915 Governor and Mrs Lehman of New York had the Boxer Dog named Sieger Dampf v Dom.  

Information About Boxer

HeightFemale:53-60 cm Male: 57-63 cm
WeightFemale: 25-29 kg Male: 27-32 kg
Life span10-12 years
Breed Size52-64 cm
NatureActive, Loyal and Friendly.
Average PriceRs. 30,000-35,000


  • Boxers are very active and energetic Dogs. They love to play around and need a lot of exercise.
  • They are very loyal and exuberant toward the family and can greet you ecstatically.
  • Consistent early training since a young age is preferred for this breed; otherwise, it might be not easy to handle when they grow into an adult. 
  • Boxers are not outdoor dogs, although they are large. They have short hair and a nose, making them uncomfortable in a hot and cold environment. So, They are usually kept as housedog.
  • They are fond of families and children and want them to be around. They can be ill-tempered and destructive if left alone in the backyard away from people.
  • They grow mature slowly and can act like a puppy for a long time.
  • Boxer dog drools a lot and barks loudly.
  • They have short hair, and they shed in the Spring season.
  • Boxers have a great sense of humour, and they are very intelligent. They respond well to instructions and training. They are easy to be trained. They are fond of love and never like to get bossed around or treated harshly by their owners. They will always listen to you if you give them fun training.
  • Boxers are very loyal and protective toward their family, and so does the guarding duty very seriously. 

Appearance of Boxer

The appearance slightly changes as they grow with time. Boxers are muscular and powerful. They look loving with their blunt muzzle pointed upward with round chocolate eyes.

Male Boxer grows about 25 inches and weighs 65-80 pounds (30-36 kg). Female grows to 21-25 inches in height and weigh 50-65 pounds (22-30kg)

  • Head: Regal and distinctly square-shaped.
  • Jaw: Undershot and Blunt muzzle.
  • Ear: They have short ears, which gets folded naturally, and ears get cropped to erect.
  • Tails: Docked and carried high.
  • Feet: Compact with arched toes.
  • Coat: Thin short coat which sheds moderately.
  • Colour: Fawn and brindle colour. The face is usually black, sometimes with white markings in the body part.

Characteristics of Boxer

Characteristics of Boxer are given below-

  • Boxers are active and energetic breeds. They are very playful and so always likes to play.
  • Their temperament depends on their breeding. They like to get attention and be loved by their owners. Keeping them alone for a long time can make them destructive.
  • They are playful and patient with the kids and love to be around families.
  • They are very alert and watchful. It makes them a good watchdog. They fiercely protect their family and home against strangers.
  • Boxers are intolerant to hot weather and need to be taken care of. They also don’t get well in very cold climates because they have short hair. Thus, the temperature is a very affecting part of them. They need protection from excess heat and a cold environment.
  • They have a short life span of 7-10 years. Proper care and nutrition can help to prevent diseases and early death.
  • Like every other dog, Boxer requires early socialization. Exposure to different people, sights, and places make them conduct well. Socialization makes them polite to friendly people even if they don’t live in your house.
  • Enrolling them to puppy kindergarten can help them to develop social skills.

Size of Boxer

The size of Boxers varies as they grow from puppy to adulthood. They are medium to large-sized dogs.

Generally, An adult Male Boxer is 22.5-25 inches tall and weigh around 70 pounds, While Adult Female.

Life Span of Boxer

The life Span of Boxers may depend on their genetic and hereditary health issues. A Healthy Boxer does live for 7-10 years.

Proper Nutrition, Grooming and Gentle Care can help your dog live disease-free, which can increase their Lifespan.

Health tips for Boxer

Good health always depends on the lifestyle of Dog. The way of eating and living is all which majorly affect their Health. So, for a healthy Boxer, you need to feed him a proper diet and give him all the care he needs.

Many Breeders doesn’t speak about the Health issues of dog. So, always seek reputable breeders who can give you a Healthy breed. Patmypet is one of the best places to get healthy and disease-free Dogs.

Boxers may have genetic and hereditary diseases that can be lifelong present. These breeds are very sensitive and prone to health issues.

Some of Boxer’s Common Health issues and tips to prevent them are given below-

  1. Dental diseases: These are very chronic issues among pets. Dental disease can affect the dog by the age of 2. Tartar is one of the problems in the dogs’ teeth, infecting gums and the roots. Your Boxer might lose his teeth due to this problem. When they don’t get cared for, such issues can risk your Boxer Kidney, Heart and Joints.

Tips to prevent it: Brush your Dog’s teeth frequently with Pet formulated Toothpaste to prevent n dental diseases.

  • Infections: Boxers are vulnerable to Bacteria and viral infections. Skin rashes, Parvo, Rabies, are the most common Infection found in Pets. These create several health issues in Dogs, making them weak and ill.

       Tips to Prevent it: Early Vaccination is recommended to get immunity against such infections. A treatment from Vet helps to cure some Infections.

  • Obesity: These health problems are very common among dogs. Boxers are very active with a high metabolism. So, they will always look with their soulful eyes for food. Here you need to give him the required amount of food even they please you with their innocence. Giving them extra food can lead to overeating which ultimately causes Obesity. It is a very harmful disease that worsens the joint problem and causes digestive disorders.

       Tips to prevent: Divide their meal throughout the day. You can get a healthy diet routine from your vet. Don’t leave food around, as food can be a doggie treat for leftover people.

Care of Boxer

Care shows the amount of love you have toward your Pets. Every pet need care. It is vital for their health and growth. Proper care will help your Boxer to live longer and happier.

You can follow some of the important care tips given below-

  • Make a routine for your dog to give proper care. It includes grooming, feeding, playing etc.
  • Give your dog nutrient-rich food. This helps Boxers to grow well as they are very energetic and active.
  • Boxer has a high metabolism and so needs to burn their energy. Take your Boxer for a walk or run as it will help them to burn so much energy.
  • Grooming your Boxer like bathing, trimming nails, cleaning ears will help them stay away from disease and rashes.
  • Boxers are always in a mood to eat. They can put anything in their mouth, thinking as food. So, keep them away from objects that can harm them.
  • Boxers are a smart and active breed. They can get bored and aggressive if they dont get love and attention. Play with them and show how much you love them.
  • Boxers are sensitive to temperature, so don’t give them prolonged exposure to excessive heat or cold.

Nutrition/Food of Boxer

The growth and development of your pet directly depend on Nutrition and food. An ideal nutritional food helps the pet to grow well and even longer.

  • Boxers are highly active and energetic and need proper Nutrition and food to remain energetic. It is recommended to give them high quality of food. 
  • Make a feeding schedule for your Boxer because they may gain weight if they overeat. Being overweight can lead to health issues. So, stick to the schedule and divide their meals throughout the day.
  • Feeding habit changes as they grow in size. You can take advice from a veterinary for a healthy diet suitable for your Boxer size.
  • Provide them 100% natural food blended with vitamins. They need proper nutrition to grow well. You can choose from some level of grains and wholesome to feed them.

Grooming tips for Boxer

All Dog needs grooming. Brushing them helps to ventilate their coat. Brushing their coat helps to grow healthy and strong fur by taking away old and damaged hair. Grooming helps to keep your dog hygiene and ensures good health keeping away from several skin infections and diseases.

Boxers have an athletic body with a sleek and short coat. There are two types of coat colours: Fawn and brindle.

Some of the grooming tips for Boxer are given below-

  • Boxer doesn’t have a thick coat, so it becomes easy to clean them. They shed their coat once in a while, usually in spring.
  • Give them a weekly bath. Boxers are clean dogs, but it’s important to bathe them once a week to clean their skin and coat thoroughly. Use Pet formulated shampoo and dry them with a towel after bath.
  • Clean their ears regularly as the ear is prone to infections and dirt. Use cotton to clean their ear and don’t dig beneath.
  • Oral hygiene is one of the points that people forget. Dental hygiene is necessary for your pets. Brush their teeth several times a week. Use pet formulated toothpaste to brush their teeth. Brushing their teeth prevents periodontal diseases.
  • You have to be very particular when it comes to trimming nails. They are very touchy about their feet. If you find your dog clicking on the floor, it’s a sign that their nails have grown long. Trim nails once or twice a month. Dust and bacteria can stick to the nails, making them ill and prone to other health issues. Grown nails can hurt them while scratching. So don’t forget to check their nail size frequently.
  • Make grooming fun and exciting for your Pet. You can provide them with treats and rewards. A positive experience of grooming makes dogs habitual to be groomed.
  • Dont forget to check inside their mouth and ears. Check for any rashes or inflammation in their skin. Dogs are good at hiding health issues. So, it becomes your responsibility of finding out.
  • Frequent visits to the vet will help to spot potential health issues earlier. Timely treatment can prevent from developing long time diseases.

Exercise for Boxer

There are lots of things that are needed to care for a dog. The care you provide for the boxer can greatly affect their growth and development. It’s always important to make a proper schedule for your dog to attain a healthy life.

Boxers are very energetic and active breeds. Hence they need daily exercise for atleast once to burn their calories. Two hours of daily exercise is recommended for these breed types. If they don’t burn their energy somewhere, they can develop destructive behaviour. So, it is preferred to give them a good amount of exercise.

Exercise keeps their body fit and active and strengthens the joints preventing diseases.

Below are some exercises which you can give to your dog-

  • Daily Walk: These breeds are very active and can walk all day long. You need to limit the time, energy and length of the walk. Minimum 30-40 minutes of daily walk is sufficient for Boxer’s health.
  • Run: Boxer has great stamina, so you can make him run to do exercise. Run with your dog for 10-15 min daily. This will keep them fit physically and help in mental stimulation.
  • High-Intensity Activity: Boxers are very active and energetic. They need to burn their energy by doing high-intensity activities once a week.
  • Fetch: It’s a fantastic way to burn the energy of your dog. Boxers are toy crazy and can play for all day long. You can give the automatic ball launcher for them to Fetch by themselves whenever they want. Boxers are easy to train but with love and attention. So, They learn very quickly when you teach them any activity.
  • Walking stairs: You can teach your Boxer to walk by stairs indoor to strengthen their body and legs. When they descend stairs, they use muscles, and it helps them burn the calories, making them healthy.

Price of Boxer in India

DelhiINR 26,000-38,000
MumbaiINR 22,000-40,000
BangaloreINR 26,000- 38,000
KolkataINR 25,000-32,000
ChennaiINR 26,000- 37,000
PuneINR 21,000-38,000
HyderabadINR 23,500-37,000
AhmedabadINR 23,000-38,000

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