Shih Tzu Care Tips & Guide to Keep

The Top 16 Shih Tzu Care Tips & Guide to Keep Them healthy 1

Shitzu, with their lovable appearance and delightful personality, holds a special place in the hearts of dog lovers. These small and cute partners are known for their characteristics like long, smooth fur and friendly nature. Caring for a dog can be a joyous experience, but it comes with special responsibility due to their requirements. We know having a furry friend will give you a lot of responsibility, but it can become a daily habit after some time, which provides you with a fantastic experience for getting a pet. Shitzu require a lot of grooming to maintain their beautiful coat and prevent them from fleas and ticks.

In this article, we explain all the needs and care a shitzu wants; these tips will help you to create a loving and comfortable environment for your furry friend; it includes the diet tips, training and exercises your shitzu needs.

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Tips you can use for giving a healthy life to your Shitzu

Shitzu’s are very loving and friendly dog; they are small in size, which make them more cute to pet lovers. Shitzu’s are delicate pets; they can quickly interact with people, love playing with their humans and need all your attention. These are some points which can help you to keep your shitzu healthy:

1.     Offer your Shitzu natural foods

Pets are like your family members; giving them good nutrition will help them stay healthy. Please provide them with quality dog treats and foods specially made for shitzu; this food contains all the essential ingredients your shitzu needs. Avoid comestible meats, oil-based food and stuffing like wheat and corn. You can give them natural food you made, or you can buy from a store prepared for Shitzu’s (packaged food always has a variety according to the dog’s age, which contains all proteins and calcium.)

2.     Supplements a Shitzu Needs

Fish oil would be a beneficial option for your shitzu as it helps to prevent them from any allergies; acidophilus is also a good supplement which can help your shitzu if they have sensitive stomach and digestion problems. And there are other supplements you can consult with your vet for calming their stress. Glucosamine is a supplement which nearly applies to all shitzu; it also has MSM, which helps shitzu to prevent osteoarthritis disease, which is significant in old age dogs.  

3.     Always provide quality coat products

Always use quality coat products like conditioner, shampoos and tick flea powders. These products help your shitzu to get healthy and glowing skin and fur. Always avoid artificial fragrance shampoos and soaps, which include sulphate, which can affect your shiatzu’s skin and health. Any product that contains a pH balance from 6.6 to 7.6 should not be used; you can use coconut oil sometimes for cleansing the dog’s fur.

4.     Exercise

Exercises are most important for your shitzu’s health as they protect your dog from future health risks. Cardio exercises will help them control their metabolism, have a strong heart, maintain muscles, and keep their digestive system healthy. You can also take your shitzu for walks and play games like fetch, which will help them boost their immune systems and healthy living.

5.     Provide filtered water

Providing water to your dog is an easy responsibility. Avoid using tap water for your pet as contains carcinogens. It can cause serious health issues to your furry friend, especially during old age. So, make sure to give your dog filtered water for drinking.

6.     Always take care of dental hygiene

Dental care is most important for shitzu; if you become careless about their dental care, then be prepared to see your shitzu suffering diseases like infections, tooth decay and tooth loss. You can prevent these diseases by giving them good dental care at home by brushing them with a brush and canine toothpaste, or you can consult your veterinarian.

7.     Constantly groom your shitzu when needed

Grooming your shitzu is essential to make them healthy, as it helps them stay clean and hygienic from germs and ticks. Bathing and brushing their coats with a soft bristle will give them shiny and healthy skin.

8.     Always use flea and tick prevention but chemical-free products

Fleas and ticks are parasites which can cause many health issues to your shitzu. Always use a product which contains natural elements to avoid fleas and ticks. It only helps to prevent these parasites away from your dog without a chemical reaction in your dog’s coat.

9.     Check Shitzu’s breathing

Shitzu’s are brachycephalic breeds, which means they have a compressed breathing system. And because of this, your shitzu may suffer from breathing problems. Always use a harness for your shitzu at any age; it will help your dog breathe more freely while exercising or playing.

10.  Teaching tricks

Shitzu are very playful dogs; teaching them some tricks will help them stay entertained. Teach them to listen to orders and answer them well will also make your life easier with your dog.  

11.  Use harness over collars

A harness is a good option for your shitzu, as it helps them to breathe freely and play. Collars are very tight in the neck area, which directly seizes the windpipe of your dog and causes breathing problems while playing. So, always choosing a harness over collars will help your shitzu to play openly without getting any health problems.

12.  Care needed during summers

Shitzu are brachycephalic breeds; they need to avoid overheating Because of their heavy coats. Take your shitzu for walks in the evening and morning to prevent overheating, and feed them more water and water-based fruits to stay hydrated in the summer. You can also use cooling mats specially created for dogs, which help them to keep cool in hot weather.

13.  Care needed during winters

Shitzu feel lazy in winter weather, so always try to keep them active in winter. Buy vests or sweaters for your dog to prevent colds; while taking them for a walk, always remember to cover your dog’s feet, as they can start cracking quickly in winter.

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14.  Dog-proof house

Dogs are very naughty while they playing. Doggy proofing will help you to avoid any mess your dog can create. Dogs don’t know about any medicines or products which can hurt them, so trying to hide things which can damage your dog’s health is a responsibility you have to follow if you are thinking of getting a dog.

15.  Issues related to separations

If sometimes you have to go outside, leaving your shitzu at home, it will be very stressful for your dog. Shitzu loves to stay in cheerful surroundings, but if you leave them alone at home for an extended period, it will give them anxiety about separation from their loved one. Take a suggestion: never leave your dogs for an extended period, as it can cause many health and mental issues for them.

16.  Regular Checkups

Always remember giving a complete series of vaccinations from puppy age will help your shitzu to grow a healthy life. Providing all the essential sets of immunizations which your vet prescribed will help you to make your shitzu healthy and robust. After completing the puppy-age series of vaccinations, please consult your vet for adult vaccinations to help them fight immunity problems and stomach-related issues. Always get regular checkups for the well-being of your shitzu.

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Shitzu are adorable dogs with a friendly nature. They won millions of hearts. Getting them as a pet is the best choice for people who love small dogs, but it also requires a lot of responsibility. Getting a shitzu means doing a lot of work, like grooming, vet checkups and vaccination. The above article mentioned all the steps that help you raise a shitzu without any problem; it provides all the necessary knowledge before getting a shitzu as your pet.

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