How to Take care of Hamster Pets: 10 Tips

Are you considering the idea of buying a Hamster? That’s great because hamsters are great companions, but they require a great responsibility, too. There is no doubt about buying hamsters, as they can win the hearts of millions of people; if you want to keep this little furry ball as a pet, this is the best option for new pet parents. And if you’re already the proud parent of a hamster and want to know how to take care of your little fur ball, this detailed guide will help you. Learning how to train and feed your pet and keep them healthy will make them more comfortable with you. If you want to keep your furry friend healthy and happy, follow these 10 tips below to help you become a proud pet parent.

10 Tips for taking care of your Hamster pet

These 10 tips will help the pet parents to keep their Hamsters happy and healthy. Let’s have a look:

Tip 1: Know all about your Hamster before adopting one

Before buying a hamster, there are a few things you should know:

  • Hamsters enjoy their own company, and they are more active at night.
  • Hamsters are omnivorous animals.
  • Hamsters are very active, and they need an open space home.
  • Hamsters can live only for two years.

Tip 2: Set up your Hamster’s home

These are some steps we mention below to make a comfortable house for your Hamster:

  • Find a wire or glass cage designed for hamsters.
  • Add suitable bedding such as papers and shaving aspens, and ensure your Hamster can dig deep comfortably. They had a habit of digging.
  • To avoid germs and bacteria, clean the cage daily and change the bedding.

Tip 3: Feed your hamster with a healthy diet

A balanced diet for Hamster contain commercial diets, pellets or block with 16% protein. You can also give additional fruits or vegetables as supplements. Hamsters prefer to eat:

  • Green vegetables
  • Seeds
  • Carrot
  • Apples
  • Cucumbers
  • Peas
  • Raisins

Tip 4: Give your Hamster adequate playtime

Playing with hamsters can be a gratifying experience, as they are tiny and look like a cotton ball. These small, cute creatures can make them fantastic pets, and they are very active, so you can also enjoy limitless entertainment. These are some essential tips we mentioned below for you to follow for playing with your hamster:

  • The first step is to put your hand inside the hamster cage and allow him to touch and smell you; this will help them to know you.
  • When Hamster gets used to your smell, pick him gently and make a small ball of your hand where they can sit comfortably.
  • Give your Hamster small gifts like a healthy treat, and this will help you to make a trustworthy bond with your Hamster.
  • Offer them toys for entertaining themselves, as you know they prefer to live alone.

Tip 5: Grooming is essential

Grooming your hamster is an essential part of caring for your little fur ball. It helps prevent your hamster from germs and bacteria covered in his fur or nails. Hamsters are good about hygiene. They can clean themselves, and you should also avoid bathing them. However, if your Hamster gets into something sticky, you can use a wet cloth to clean them.

  • Use the gentle bristle brush for your long-haired Hamster; gently brush them with soft hands without hurting them.
  • Always keep trimming your hamster nails so that they cannot harm you.
  • Keep an eye on your Hamster’s skin, and if you suspect something unusual, such as a hair fall or any skin-related disease, then consult a doctor.

Tip 6: Keep your Hamster healthy

Keeping your pet healthy is a big responsibility for any pet owner; hamsters are very charming and have small sizes, which requires more care from other big pets. These steps will help you to keep your hamster healthy:

  • Providing them with a clean cage with good ventilation. Avoiding cages with wired bottoms will be safe for your Hamster’s feet.
  • Feed your Hamster healthy vegetables and keep an eye on his diet regularly. Give them pure and fresh water from time to time. 
  • Always hold your Hamsters gently and rub them slowly.
  • Always wash your hands before holding your Hamster. It will help them to stay away from any germs or bacteria.
  • You also take him to the hospital for essential checkups.

Tip 7: Give them a clean space

Your furry ball deserves a clean and safe living space. Keep the following things in mind while cleaning the hamster space:

  • Daily clean the toilet area.
  • Change the bedding regularly.
  • Once a week, clean hamster food dish.
  • Daily change the water.
  • Empty their space entirely every week, place all new bedding, and give it a unique look.

Tip 8: maintain proper temperature

The recommended temperature to maintain in the Hamster cage is 65–80 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity should be around 40-70%. If the temperature goes below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, a hamster can go into torpor mode.

Tip 9: Handling the Hamster

There are various tips that you must follow for safe handling of your Hamster:

  • Hamsters get scared easily, so avoid waking them up suddenly.
  • Their eyesight is not good enough, so speak with them before you pick them up.
  • Hamsters can bite if they feel uncomfortable. So, always pick them up carefully.
  • Hamsters have cheek pouches, which leads to extra skin around the neck. A gentle hold of their scruff can help them restrain but hold them for a few moments only.

Tip 10: when to call the Doctor?

Hamsters can require frequent visits to the vet hospital. You must know the signs when your Hamster needs to see the doctor.

  • When you feel your Hamster is ill, please take it to the doctor and avoid using home remedies.
  • If your Hamster has hurt itself, directly rush to the vet hospital.
  • Sudden changes in the diet can lead to severe illness in the Hamsters. If this happens and you notice your Hamster is not comfortable. Rush to the doctor, as it can be life-threatening for your little bun.
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