7 Best Reptiles to Keep as Pets & Cool Factor

7 Best Reptiles to Keep as Pets & Cool Factor 1

Reptiles as a pet have gained more popularity in today’s era than other animals; they need low maintenance and have a unique charm, which makes them the perfect pets for people who love animals with fewer requirements. The idea of having a reptile pet seems unfamiliar compared to cats, dogs and birds; these scabby partners offer a vast option of advantages and can be brilliant additions to the right family. As we tell you, reptiles are maintenance pets compared to other animals. They don’t need any walks or social interaction. These factors make them the perfect pets for individuals living in smaller spaces.

Reptiles have a diverse range of species, like bearded dragons and water dragons or captivating chameleons. These tiny creatures have their different specialty that can captivate people’ attraction easily. People with a reptile as a pet can share their experiences, and advice will help newcomers learn about reptile’s reptiles’ needs and care.

7 reptiles you can get as a pet.

We will help you to explore the many options of reptiles, including their natural surroundings, diet and the responsibility you have to take care of them. We provide the list of 7 reptiles which you can get as a pet:

1.     Water Dragon

Water dragons, also known as Asian dragons, are semi-aquatic creatures native to the dense forests and rivers of Southeast Asia. Acclaimed for their distinctive appearance and fascinating behavior, water dragons are trendy choices among reptile lovers and amphibian enthusiasts. Water dragons have emerald gold bodies with different patterns and bright colors. These dragons not only have attractive bodies but also have magnificent views. These reptiles have unique features of tassels in their back, tail and head, which add to their charisma. These tassels, combined with their desirous eyes and excellent climbing ability, will make them precisely captivating creatures as a pet. Water dragons need captivity where they can swim freely or climb branches without getting disturbed; these are essential requirements for your pet reptile.

2.     Tortoise

Tortoises are a popular choice among reptile lover because of their low maintenance requirements and slow-crawling nature. Their Special charm and the opportunity to remark on their Relaxed existence has made them beloved partners for many reptile lovers. Tortoises are distinguished by their armored shells, which serve as both support and safety, allowing them to repudiate their legs, head and tails when terrorized. Tortoises are herbivorous creatures; they need a typical vegetarian diet.

3.     Anoles

Anoles are small-sized reptiles belonging to the family of dactyloidae. These beautiful creatures are known for their delightful behavior and color-changing potential, making them a widespread search for pets. Anoles are native to the exotic and warm regions of Southeast America and the range of natural environments from deserts to rainforests. 

4.     Leopard Gecko

The Leopard Gecko’s scientific name is Eublepharis macularis. These reptiles are beloved and admired pets worldwide. Originating from the regions of South Asia like India and Pakistan, these charming reptiles have won the hearts of reptile lovers. Leopard Gecko becomes an ideal pet for both experienced and beginner herpetologists. You can easily recognize leopard geckos by their vibrant patterns and fat tails. Their obedient nature and small size make them a perfect choice for those seeking a reptile pet.

5.     Turtle

Turtles are ancient creatures on earth, and they have captured our imaginations for generations—these Beautiful reptiles are known for their protective shells and slow movements for adapting to the captivating and survival. Turtles can survive on fresh waterways, oceans and landscapes; their iconic cover of a mixture of bone and keratin will help them to stay protected from predators.

6.     Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon’s scientific name is Pogona Vitticeps. These dragons are famous and fabulous reptile pets in herpetology. Native to the moisture less region of Australia, these beautiful lizards have become a popular choice for reptile lovers and enthusiasts because of their low-maintenance needs. Bearded dragons are easily recognizable by their different appearance, remarked by pointed scales under their neck that they can puff up when showing excitement, which creates a beard effect on their face. 

7.     Snakes

Snakes, frequently the subject of fascination and charm, are one of the most various and misunderstood reptiles. There are over 3,000 species worldwide; these creatures capture our imagination from generation. Their curved form and the mysteries covering them have made them scary and awe. Snakes are highly captivating to their environments, with a vast range of features and lifestyles. From the iconic, venomous cobras of an Asian country to dangerous pythons from exotic forests, they exhibit excellent variety.


Getting a reptile as a pet is an excellent choice for people who love its vibrant colors and color-changing features; we mentioned seven reptile species with their factors for you to choose your perfect companion. These beautiful and colorful pets need low maintenance and less care, making them an ideal partner for people with a less spacious place. From bearded dragons to water dragons, there are vast options for you to get as a pet, which will entertain you with their unique personalities.

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