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Bulldogs are also known as English Bulldogs because of their place of origin. These dogs are medium-sized dogs with wrinkled faces. The wrinkled face and skin are a trademark of this dog breed. Bulldog is one of the most popular dogs around the world.  

Bulldogs like to rest and eat. They are greedy for food and tend to overeat. These dogs have a compact and strong muscular build which makes them look quite intimidating. These dogs are friendly and love to play around. Bulldogs are known for their distinctive gait and compact muscular body. These dogs are affectionate and of course, Loyal! In this article, we will tell you everything about this Dog breed and why you need to own one!

History of Bulldog

Maybe this is one of those dog breeds that have a bloody past! Bulldogs were used as fighting dogs in England. This gruesome fight was known as bull baiting. In the past, you can guess that Bulldogs had a very different temperament and appearance than they have right now. They were not friendly and had a fierce temperament.  

This breed is a direct descendent of fighting mastiffs that were introduced to the British people by Romans.  After some time, bull baiting was made illegal in England to protect Bulldogs from getting mistreated. This proved to be a boon for this breed as some Bulldog lovers decided to raise this breed. With time, these dogs became sweet and friendly.

Over time Bulldogs started to adapt to their environment and became the droopy, happy, and most popular dog breed. At present Bulldogs have a sweet temperament. Despite their fierce and muscular looks Bulldogs can not perform the task they used to.

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Information about Bulldog

Here is some basic information about Bulldog –

Height14 – 15 inches 
Weight40-50 pounds 
Life span8-10 years 
Breed SizeMedium 
Average PriceINR 25,000 -45,000 

Highlights of Bulldog

Here are some important highlights about Bulldogs-

  • Bulldogs can be lazy. They do not like to go for a walk and are stubborn about it. 
  • Bulldogs do not have tolerance towards humidity and heat. If you have a bulldog, you should never take him outside in high temperatures. It can affect his health negatively.
  • Bulldogs can not bear the cold. They are quite sensitive about it. 
  • Bulldogs tend to snore, wheeze, and snort.  They can also develop sleep apnea. 
  • Bulldogs can have flatulence conditions. In such a case, you should talk to your vet.
  • Bulldogs have a short nose. It can cause them respiratory ailments.
  • Bulldogs love food. They are greedy when it comes to food and overeat at every given chance. This can become a cause for weight gain for these dogs. It can lead to obesity which is why you need to pay attention to the eating habits of your Bulldog.
  • Bulldogs have large heads and broad bodies. It becomes quite difficult for them to give birth. They may need caesareans or the help of professionals while giving birth.
  • Bulldogs are very easy to manage and groom. However, they do have a tendency to have health issues. 
  • You need to make sure why you want to have a Bulldog after going through his temperament and characteristics. There are many examples where people purchase bulldogs out of curiosity and leave them in animal shelters later.
  • Bulldogs can cost you. You have to take good care of your Bulldog to keep him healthy. 

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Appearance of Bulldog

Bulldogs are known for their large heads. It gives them a distinguished look. The muzzle of this dog breed is very short. It makes their face look flat. Bulldogs have dark eyes. They are on the low level on their forehead. The nose of these bulldogs is upturned and black. Bulldogs have large and wide jaws. This dog breed has a lower jaw that is longer than their upper jaw. The lower jaws are placed in such a manner that it gives Bulldogs a comical appearance. The lips of Bulldogs are plump and pendulous. Cheeks of Bulldogs are round and bulge sideways.

Bulldogs have thick and short necks. They have muscular and broad shoulders. This breed has a full chest. The back of this dog breed is arched a little. The hips of this dog breed bulge above the back. Bulldogs have a thick, screwed, or straight tail. The legs of Bulldogs have strong muscles. The position of the legs of Bulldogs gives their walks a waddling appearance. The size of Bulldogs is around 15 inches. The weight of a female bulldog weighs around 50 pounds. A male bulldog has a 54-pound weight.

Bulldogs have wrinkled and loose skin. They have to think folded face and a hanging dewlap on the throat. This dog breed has a short and textured hair coat. Different color patterns can be found on their body such as fallow, white, fawn, piebald, or brindle.

Bulldog Characteristics 

Bulldog is one of the most popular breeds. Here are some characteristics of Bulldogs-

Affection Level Medium 
Friendliness Medium
Kid-Friendly High
Intelligence Medium
Pet Friendly Low
Exercise need Low
Barking Tendency Low
Shedding Medium

If you are looking for a guard dog, bulldogs are the choice for you. They have a sweet and friendly nature. However, they are very protective of their families. Bulldogs are good watchdogs. This dog breed is rather lazy and loves to rest instead of fighting or playing. Bulldogs can be very stubborn sometimes, mostly when they do not want to exercise or train. This characteristic makes them hard to train otherwise most of the time they are obedient and friendly.

Bulldogs are not quick learners but if they are taught something over time, they do not forget it. This dog breed doesn’t bark much. In the case of apartment or house living, the intimidating appearance of Bulldogs makes them a good pick for safety. They love to play with their family members and become defensive in times of need. Bulldogs are kid-friendly and can become the best companion for your child.

The temperament and behavior of Bulldogs depend on the environment they grow in. Bulldogs are generally sociable but make sure if you have a puppy, you take him for socializing. This can help your dog become a well-mannered dog. The best way to start is by enrolling him in a kindergarten or taking him to the busy parks. Positive socialization is very important for this dog breed as it has a protective nature. It can become defensive against strange pets.

Bulldogs are ideal dogs for apartment living. They do not like to go out and like to lay around. This dog breed has a low energy level that makes them relaxed. Bulldogs are poor swimmers due to their heavy bodies. You need to take care of your dog around water. So make sure to make your Bulldog comfortable!

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Size of Bulldog 

The size of the male bulldog differs from the female Bulldog. Bulldogs are medium-sized dogs. They have an average height of around 16 inches. 

BulldogHeight Weight (pound)Head size 
Male 10-15 inches 50 lbsLarge 
Female 10-15 inches 40 lbsSlightly smaller 

Life Span of Bulldog

The lifespan of Bulldogs is around 8 to 10 years. These dogs have a comparatively low life span in comparison to a German shepherd and Siberian Husky. Bulldogs can develop many health-related issues like respiratory ailments due to their short nose.  It can become the reason for their short lifespan. This is why you should take your dog for a routine check-up to prevent any serious health condition.

If you want your Bulldog to have a healthy life, feed him a nutritious diet. Try to take your dog for mild exercise and light walks daily. You should also never allow your bulldog free-eating as they easily gain weight.

Health tips for Bulldog 

  • The harsh truth is, Bulldogs can get easily sick which is why they need proper attention and care. Some of the common health issues that can affect your bulldog are respiratory issues, internalized tail, eye-related disorders, etc. Bulldogs are also not good with extreme heat and cold weather or humidity.
  • To prevent your dog from getting heatstroke, try to avoid taking him outside. Always make sure he has access to cool drinking water. Try to keep him around AC or provide cooling pads or shade.
  • Try to take your bulldog for a medium physical activity such as a walk. Try to keep your dog entertained throughout the walk. Never push your dog for more exercise as they can have breathing issues while running a long distance.
  • Always provide your dog with a positive environment. Crate trains him so he can build a good and hygienic habit. Never force your Bulldog for intense physical activities.  Take care of their skin properly as their wrinkly skin can get moist and irritating.

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How to take Care of Bulldog

  • Bulldogs do not like to exercise and like to remain physically inactive. This dog breed does not need a lot of exercise. However, a medium level of exercise is important for these dogs to prevent obesity as these dogs have a higher possibility to gain weight. you need to make sure that they are overeating as they are greedy when it comes to food. These dogs are a perfect choice if you live in an apartment.
  • Bulldogs like to take naps after they play. It does not mean that every bulldog is the same. Some bulldogs do like to play around. Bulldogs can be quite hard to train as they have a stubborn personalities. It takes them some effort and time to teach but after they learn a thing, they can become adept.
  • Bulldogs have a short hair coat that does not require much brushing. You can brush the coat two or three times a week. The wrinkled skin of bulldogs needs special care and proper attention. You can clean the skin with cotton with hydrogen peroxide gently.  Use cornstarch to keep the wrinkles dry. 
  • You should take care of their other body parts such as weekly cleaning of ears, nail trimming, and bathing. Last but not least, tale your bulldog for a regular check-up as they can easily develop breathing issues or other health-related issues.

Nutrition/Food of Bulldog

When it comes to food, bulldogs know their way around. This dog breed loves to eat so often they overeat. It can result in weight gain and obesity that can put pressure on their joints. If you have a puppy and you are raising a bulldog for the first time, consult with a veterinarian.  Provide your dog food at a scheduled time and in proper quantity. Do not let your dog overeat if you want him to stay healthy. Measure how much nutrients he needs and feed accordingly. Bulldogs can be possessive when it comes to their food, it can be a harmful habit. 

If your bulldog is still a puppy (0-3 Months), feed him three or four times a day. The frequency can be reduced with the growth of your bulldog. Focus on high-quality food. You can go for commercial dog food or can feed him a home-cooked meal. Do not let your dog eat any toxic food such as chocolate, onion, ginger, etc. always consult with your veterinarian before feeding him anything different or new.

Grooming tips for Bulldog

  • Bulldogs have a short hair coat that does not lead to much shedding. You should try to brush the coat two or three times a day to give them a neat and clean look. Bulldogs love grooming and spending time with their owners. 
  • More than anything you need to care about is their wrinkles. The skin wrinkles of Bulldogs are important to clean on daily basis. It will prevent any itching or skin-related condition. Bulldogs hate getting moist that is why cleaning them is important. You can use cotton balls to clean the moisture. 
  • Bath is another important thing when it comes to the grooming of Bulldogs.  You can wash them in a few weeks or even months. Use dog-friendly shampoo so they do not get irritated skin.
  • Eyes are an important part of bulldogs’ body and they can develop an eye-related problem if not taken care of properly. To clean the area around the eye, you can use a gentle wet cloth. Bulldogs do not need a haircut, however; you need to take proper care of their teeth and nails. Overgrown nails can hurt your dog.
  • Try to build grooming habits for your bulldog when he is a pup. This will make it habitual of the grooming process and he will enjoy it. If you are a new dog parent then visit a professional for your dog’s grooming. Always pay attention to other body parts as well. You should also take your dog for a routine check-up

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Exercise for Bulldog

No matter how lazy your dog looks, you need to take him to exercise to keep him healthy. Bulldogs generally need an hour of mild physical activity. They have low energy levels that do not mean they can not run with speed. However, avoid strenuous exercise for your Bulldog. You can play with your Bulldog to keep him engaged and active. You can play fetch games or tug of war to keep your dog entertained and physically active.

However, try to avoid extreme weather conditions like cold and heat. Bulldogs are sensitive to both temperatures and can get seriously affected. They have a tendency to get heatstroke if they remain in heat for a long time. With all being said, do not overwork your bulldog just to punish him. It can affect him negatively. Check for any physical injuries while exercising such as limping. Go for a routine checkup to keep your bulldog healthy and sound.

Price of Bulldog in India

The price of Bulldogs in major cities of India is given below-

CitiesPrice (INR)
DelhiAround INR 26,500
MumbaiAround INR 26,500
BangaloreAround INR 26,000
KolkataAround INR 25,000
ChennaiAround INR 25,000
PuneAround INR 21,000
HyderabadAround INR 25,500
AhmedabadAround INR 23,500

How to Find Bulldog in India? 

While buying a dog, you need to consider a few things. Always purchase your Bulldog from a verified breeder. The history of your bulldog pup matters if you want them to be healthy. Bulldog prices can vary according to the purity of their breed. 

Always pay attention to the quality of the environment where your pup is raised. You can visit Patmypet if you are looking for a healthy, good-tempered, and pure breed of Bulldogs.

Our puppies are raised in a healthy and friendly environment to give them a friendly demeanor. Patmypet is one of the most trusted pet stores in India that breeds good-quality dogs with utmost care and love.

Our dogs are certified and have been raised with the assistance of professionals. You do not have to worry about any hereditary disease or bad temperament of our puppies as their parents are raised in a positive environment. For more information, you can visit our store.

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