Chihuahua Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

The little-sized Chihuahua has a big charming personality. They have various coat types and colors. They are well equipped for dog sports. These breeds are on the top list of watchdogs. They are prone to snapping, nipping, and biting when getting threatened and scared. He’s not particularly fond of strangers of any species, reserving his affection for his chosen person.

These dogs are gentle and delicate around kids. Although these are purebred dogs, you can see them in shelters and rescues. Bear in mind to check out! Don’t stop if you prefer to carry these breeds to the house.

History of Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is a native of Mexico, and their predecessors had been in numerous stories. They were unquestionably considered soul directs that ensured spirits while they went through the hidden world. Even though the tales concerning the dog breed are fascinating, there’s no authentic proof regarding how long they’ve existed or that they were demonstrated to the Aztecs or others who occupied Mexico before the Spaniards came.

Some dog specialists say they were the first native dog of the Americas and were brought to the world after the conquest of Spanish. Others figure that this little dog may have originated from pariah dogs. The American tourist chose their name as Chiuahah, who saw this breed first in the late 19th century.

The known chihuahua today was developed by North American breeders. First, Chiauaha was given Midget by the American Kennel Club in 1904. Later in 1923 separate club was formed for this breed called Chiuaha club of America.

Today these breeds are among the top lists of breeds registered by AKC, and they hold 13th rank in the list.

Information about Chihuahua

Height15-25 cm
Weight1.8-2.7 kg
Life span12-20 years
Breed Size5-10 inch
NatureDevoted, Alert, Quick, and Courageous.
Average PriceINR 15,000-40,000

Highlights of Chihuahua

  • The little Chihuahua lives a long life of 18 years, and hence they need care.
  • Chihuahua is vulnerable to shivering whenever they get excited, afraid when to go outside in a wet or cold climate.
  • When these breeds are not socialized at a young age, they can be unfriendly toward the other dogs. They certainly get aggressive when large breed dogs encounter and don’t get back despite their small size. This may cause challenging and problematic situations for the owners.
  • Don’t keep your Chihuahua unattended into the garden. A hawk, other birds of prey, or bigger dogs can attack them.
  • Chihuahuas could be reserved with strangers. Try to find a whelped puppy and be raised in a true home with plenty of human interaction.
  • Chihuahuas are not the greatest dog you to buy when your children are small. Chihuahuas are fragile, and they may hurt your children while playing. Most raisers won’t offer pups to houses with children younger than eight years.
  • The Chihuahua’s ears may be vulnerable to ear wax build-up and dry, rough skin.
  • Chihuahuas are good companions and protective toward the known person they are active and have great metabolism and so need daily exercise for 20-30 min. This makes them fit and healthy..
  • Chihuahuas have awesome characters and will run your life in life if you permit them to. They could be ruinous when they get bored or exhausted and can be fussy eaters if you fussed their diet. He can let you move from your comfortable chair whenever he wants.
  • Never buy a puppy from an outdoor breeder, puppy mill, or pet store to get a healthy and balanced pet. Find a good and reputable breeder who can provide a pure breed dog without genetic health issues and good temperaments.

Appearance of Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is unique in appearance. The features are:

  • Skull-The skull is domed in apple shape. They have narrow \ and slanted heads.
  • Ears-The ears are fairly large and erect. Chihuahuas are born with floppy ears, and it changes with age. Ears typically fall back when they are sleeping or resting.
  • Tail-They have a long sickle-shaped tail. It is curved in an upward direction.
  • Eyes-Their eyes are full and round. The Eye color is brownish generally. Some may have Light brown eyes, and some have hazel or green eyes, which are often seen with fawns and white coats.
  • Coat- Their coat length varies. Their Coat can be smooth, short, or long. Smooth coats are generally shiny and tight, while Long coats have wavy hair. Mostly Chihuahua is double-coated with one layer of fur beneath.

Like every other dog, they transform with the developing age.

Chihuahua Characteristics

It is vital to understand the behavior and extreme temperament. This becomes important when you have children in your home.

  • Each Chihuahua is different as they show their personality.
  • These dogs are terrier-like, confident, and bold. They are very alert and suspicious to strangers. This makes them an excellent watchdog. They are very good companions in the home.
  • This breed usually bonds very well with one person in a home as they are reserved.
  • They need the practice to get socialized. This can be done by making him walk through parks and places where he can play with many other dogs and pets. They need exposure to different people, sights, and sounds to socialize.
  • They can show Clingy Behavior as little dogs are called lapdogs for a reason. Numerous thrive on human love and companionship to keep close. Some take this a touch too far and can be very clingy.
  • They sometimes show Extreme Aggression and can bite anyone who makes them angry. This is not acceptable behavior around the child and can put the child in great danger. Within these situations, it is important to implement strict training.

Size of Chihuahua

The Chihuahua weighs 3- 6 pounds. You can find Chihuahuas small in size, and they usually are not very healthy. Chihuahuas can also be oversize, with a few reaching 12 or even more pounds. These breeds are a good choice for families with children.

Life Span of Chihuahua

Chihuahua has an average lifespan. They are prone to many genetic health problems.

  • The life span expectancy is between 14 to 18 years.
  • Females live slightly more than male breeds, which is 15.5 years.
  • The expected life span of a domesticated dog is 12.8 years.

Health tips for Chihuahua

All dogs can develop genetic health problems and inherit an illness. Don’t take puppies from the irresponsible breeder who doesn’t give you a health guarantee on puppies. A reputable breeder will always provide you healthy dog breed and will be honest about the health problems of dogs.

Hers are a few health tips for your Chihuahua-

  • Provide your puppy with nutritional food, proper grooming, and exercises to prevent any health issues.
  • Chihuahua dogs are prone to Infections and Trauma, which can even cause death. Keep them clean and happy to prevent such health diseases.
  • Vaccination Is a must to keep your do safe from illness. Many vets recommend waiting 14 days after vaccination before you take him out. This protects their immune system.
  • These breeds are high in metabolism. As these breeds are small and can eat a small amount of food at a time, they prefer them to have small quantities of meals throughout the day.
  • This breed can have to fluctuate blood sugar levels, which may cause health issues. Its recommended to give them two meals per day because they burn their calories very quickly.
  • As these breeds don’t do well with temperature fluctuations. So,  Protect your Chihuahua from temperature fluctuation and Be familiar with possible temperature changes. After a bath, have a hot towel to avoid chills. On icy cold days, protect your dog by keeping him warm. You can do clothing and boots for your Chihuahua to keep him warm during cold days.
  • Provide regular dental cleaning to prevent oral diseases.

Care of Chihuahua

Every dog needs care. Some of the care tips for Chihuahua are given below-

  • When you have a Chihuahua breed, you want to care about his overall health. Their true care consists of many practices. Owners generally provide love, joy, and health to puppies or dogs because they share an emotional bond.
  • With a great deal of personality and a small frame, owners have to make a good routine to keep them well and fine. Their care is not limited to Grooming, feeding, Training, and Exercise.
  • Chihuahua does well when they get love and attention.
  • Training a Chihuahua can be an easy task . These are typically effective in agility and obedience. Consistent training can help a lot in disciplining this breed.
  • Kindergarten is best to train these breeds. Socialization plays an important key point in their life. Meeting other dogs in kindergarten and learning to socialize with them bring well manners to your dog.
  • Even though these breeds are very well with children, but these two cases need to be taken proper care of by the owners-
  • Very young children and intensely young puppies might not be the best idea to keep together. This small breed could be injured effortlessly by a young child.
  • By the teething stage, a Chihuahua becomes a little nippy, and that’s why he needs to be monitored by owner on any interaction between puppy and children.

Nutrition/Food of Chihuahua

The amount of food your adult dog requires is dependent on his size, age, development, metabolic process, and activity level. Highly active dogs like Chihuahua always need more food and nutrition for their growth and development. The food quality of a dog also affects a lot in your dog’s nutrition. The higher the quality of your dog food, the further it shall go toward nourishing your puppy.

Given below are some feeding tips for your Chihuahua.

  • Natural food- Opt for all-natural food choices for your dog rather than synthetic preservatives, food coloring dyes, and taste enhancers. These can cause several problems like rashes, itching, digestive problems, and long-term health problems. Provide them some top-quality food blended with vitamins and natural preservatives like rosemary, spearmint.
  • Wheat-free or grain-free- These breed dogs might be allergic to gluten in grains which can cause many health issues. Please provide them with wheat-free or grain-free food as it is very healthy for your dog. Avoid wheat and its products, which include gluten.
  • No fillers-Fillers are found in some pets food which is inexpensive ingredients. Serving your dog a portion of food like corn filled with fillers has no nutrition. These foods are hard to digest, which may cause digestive problems. Any food name which includes the word ‘wheat’ like wheat middlings, wheat mill run, etc., is filled with fillers. Avoid such food.

Grooming tips for Chihuahua

  • Chihuahuas have two coat types: Rough and smooth. The smooth coat asre straight and sleek while Rough coats are fussy and wavy. For the most part, they have a covering around the head and ears. The tail is fuzzy and not uncovered.
  • Brush the long Coat with a soft-bristled comb fiber regularly. Stainless metals comb is preferred to eliminate tangles through the hair, ears, legs, and tail.
  • A Chihuahua is a clean dog and doesn’t require a shower more than once a month if given regular brushing. When you bathe this breed, don’t forget to use pet formulated shampoo as others may cause dry Coat and skin.
  • Chihuahuas get tear stains underneath their eyes sometimes. So, you need to wipe the eyes with cotton gently from time to time. You can also use products made to get rid of these stains.
  • A Chihuahua’s nails develop rapidly, so you need to trim them from time to time. You can know that when you find Them tapping on the floor. Trimming is necessary as they may hurt themselves while scratching.

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Exercise for Chihuahua

Some exercise tips for Chihuahua are given below to practice-


  • Chihuahua young puppies are amazingly vigorous and require a safe environment to play around. Puppies really should not be taken for walks outside in general public areas until they are vaccinated well because they’re vulnerable to diseases.
  • Over-exercise or forced exercise isn’t best for any growing puppy. Chihuahua, in particular, shouldn’t be motivated to be active until they become active naturally.
  • Some research has said there is an interdependent relationship between their activity and growth. So, let them grow naturally.
  • Various veterinarians feel that too much exercise cause elbow dysplasia as a puppy’s growth plates in joints are not yet fully-fledged.


  • 1 Year to 6 Years –  A healthy Chihuahua will require at least one walk daily for 30 minutes.
  • Moreover, exercises can incorporate swimming and open-air play, which ought to be administered by the owner. You can likewise allow him to play indoor games like find and seek.
  • For Chihuahua dogs kept home alone throughout the day, exercise and interaction might be more important as they need their energy to be released to conduct great behavior.
  • To make this dog active and socialized. Owner must bring their Chihuahua to dog-friendly places.
  • Help a Chihuahua stay motivated. A few owners might say that their dog doesn’t want to go for a walk or play. Notwithstanding, a dog normally will impersonate his owner’s enthusiasm. The more owner enjoys going for a daily walk; the more dog will chase him to go outside for a walk.
  • Don’t delay talking to the veterinarian if you get any health issues after exercise in these breeds.
  • For individuals presently living in chilly, cold winters, some additional safety measures might be required while giving your dog needed exercise. The cold climate might require putting a coat or sweater on the dog.
  • Make sure to give daily walks for exercise to your dog to conduct well.
  • Play with your Chihuahua by hiding some toys in an easy spot and letting them find them. When they find the toy, reward them with treats and their favorite meals. This will make them intellectual and mentally active.

Price of Chihuahua in India

DelhiINR 20,000 – 36,000
MumbaiINR 20,000-38,000
BangaloreINR 25,000- 30,000
KolkataINR 15,000-36,000
ChennaiINR 13,000- 40,000
PuneINR 20,000- 40,000
HyderabadINR 16,000-36,500
AhmedabadINR 20,000- 36,000
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