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Training your furry friend can be overwhelming, but following some essential tips and techniques can make your task more accessible. Firstly, you must understand that proper training and socialization are the fundamentals of dog training Nothing is too late or too early to start your puppy’s training. It’s good if your little bunny learns to sit, go to the potty outside and understand the basic commands early. 

Training your dog is a massive and tiring task, especially for new dog parents. But taking one step at a time will make it a fun process. As a dog owner, you can perform dog training at home better than anyone else, so hiring a trainer or external help is no need. Instead, go with the flow and train your dog yourself. It will also save the dog training cost. 

10 Dog Training Tips & Techniques that works like a charm

Here, we will unwind the 10 best dog training tips and techniques to make your dog training project less daunting. So, keeping dog training in a nutshell, here is some basic information before jumping to the essential tips and techniques: 

  • Start with the obedience program with your puppy. 
  • Then, use various games and engaging activities while training your dog for faster and more enjoyable learning. You can try with dog training exercise. 
  • It takes about 6 weeks to train your dog thoroughly. So, have patience and keep trying.  
  • Use positive ways of training to promote effective learning. Learning should be a happy program for your little bun, not the torcher session. 

Let’s learn about the top 10 tips and techniques for training your dog:

  1. House Training and Crate Training

House training, also known as potty training, should be the first thing you must work on while dog training at home. Crate training is essential as it includes house training and many other pieces of training.

Crate training helps with potty training and gives a feeling of independence to your dog. House training is not very challenging, but it takes time. It would help if you were consistent and diligent while providing house training to your dog. Don’t worry if your dog accidentally urinates inside the house; I can be out of excitement or express submissive behavior. 

  1. Leash Training Dogs and Puppies

It’s essential to train your dog to walk on a leash. Although many places have leash lawns, keeping your dog on a leash can be necessary for many reasons. 

To train your dog to walk appropriately on leashes, you must use these dog training techniques to prepare them while walking beside them on a bike. A loose leash walk can be an effective technique as it teaches your dog not to pull or lunge on a leash, making the training fun and enjoyable. 

  1. Clicker Training for Dogs

A clicker is a metallic strip in a small plastic box that makes a  click sound when pressed. While in training, dogs associate this click sound with positive affirmation, and it helps them to continue practicing good behaviors. 

It is a ubiquitous positive enforcement training form and is highly effective too. It helps dog owners to train the dogs with all basic commands fastly. 

  1. Basic Obedience Dog Training

According to expert dog trainers, there are five basic commands that every dog must understand:

  • Come
  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down

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You must train your dog with these five essential skills to help you stay comfortably among the family. To teach them these words, ask them, again and again, to practice the same thing unless they understand the meaning of the word you are using and follow the command. Then, use various dog training techniques to teach them these basic commands.

  1. Obedience Training Rewards

Dogs are quick learners. That’s why they can learn the behavior you want them to possess, but at the same time, they are smart enough to get away with what they don’t want to adopt. 

If you find it hard to teach a specific behavior to your dog, it can be because your dog is not cooperating with you. It’s time for you to play smart and reward your dog for obedient training. For example, if your dog loves food, offer him something delicious every time he practices the behavior you want him to learn. If he is an attention seeker, spend some time with him after he completes his training obediently. 

Never reward the behavior you don’t want; otherwise, they will not understand and get confused about what is good and what is bad behavior. 

  1. Understand How Your Dog Learns

Dogs learn in 3 ways:

  • Instinctive: these are the behaviors that they have inherited from their parents. 
  • Adaptive: these skills they learn by observing their surrounding.
  • Working and obedience: it’s how they learn the commands and behaviors you want them to possess. 
  1. How To Socialize Dogs and Puppies

You focus on your dog’s socialization, which includes accepting other dogs, puppies, and new people. If you train your dog with good socializing behavior, they will be more welcoming and do not develop behavioral issues. 

Socialization also keeps your dog from fears and phobias, making him happier and healthier. 

  1. Proofing Behaviors and Troubleshooting

Proofing behavior and troubleshooting are essential to finalize your dog’s fundamental training. Without proofing, you may notice your dog behaving well in your house and forgets all the training as soon as he reaches the park. Proofing helps the dogs to avoid distractions and behave properly everywhere. 

This method is very effective in teaching your dog the art of self-control. It involves the concept that nothing is free, and he has to earn food and attention through respectful behavior. 

For training your dog, you must understand the potential behavior issues of your dog and address them before it’s too late. Therefore, behavior management is essential to finish dog training effectively. 

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  1. Training New Skills

While training your dog with some new skills, remember they have as intelligence as a 2 year old human kid. Start with short duration training, like 10 minutes or so. Teach them one skill at a time, so they do not get confused. 

One more thing to take care of is that you must use the exact words while training the dog for a specific skill. For example, if you are using the word “Sit” to teach him to sit down. Use the same word every time, don’t change it to “sit down” or “take a seat.” 

  1. Advanced Dog Training

Once you have trained your dog with all the fundamental training, you can proceed with some advanced skills. This will make your dog physically and mentally fit, and the bond between you and your dog becomes stronger. Dog training exercises are the best skills to keep your dog healthy and happy. 

You must understand training your canine companion is an ongoing process that can’t end. The obedience training is what you have to provide them throughout their lives. If you stop the behavior training of your furry friend, he will end up forgetting everything you taught. It’s like the cycling skill you teach to a kid, and if he doesn’t practice it, he will forget the art of balancing. 

While providing advanced training, don’t forget that your dog must keep practicing whatever he learned in basic training. 

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We understand training the dog is time-consuming and troublesome, but it’s not impossible. If you don’t have enough time or don’t want to take so much trouble training the dog, you can hire professionals to train your dog for you in exchange for dog training costs.

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