8 Best Dog Foods By Brands & Nutrition in India

Everyone loves dogs for their highly socializing nature & the bond they share with humans. Although they are laid back, they have unrivaled vigor. Like athletes, they have a lot of enthusiasm and energy and enjoy frequent exercise to stay healthy both physically & psychologically. They never show signs of fatigue and are constantly playing and running around. Feeding them a nutritious meal is essential to keep their vitality and strength. But, choosing a suitable food item for your dog can be a more complex process than you might think. Even the healthiest food scraps on your table could be hazardous to your dog. Anyone who is a dog parent knows how important it is to choose the right puppy food to ensure their dog’s health. In recent years, dog parents have become more aware of what they are feeding their dogs. However, with all of the different dog food formulas and brands, it can be hard to figure out what makes dog food nutritious and balanced.

This article will explain everything you need to know about dog nutrition and the different kinds of dog foods that are presently available on the market. Let’s explore the best dog food by brands & nutrition in India.

List of best dog foods by brands & by nutrition

The best dog food should provide essential nutrients and dietary supplements to your dog for sure, but it also has to be food your dog will love eating. Hence, after evaluating numerous aspects of dog food, such as nutritional information, ingredients, and pet food labels of several dog food brands. We have listed below some popularly known best dog food brands.

Food ProductNutritional information Description 
Wagsun dog biscuits 400 GMVitamin & minerals, crude protein, calcium, crude fat, and fiber content.Wagsun dog biscuits are the best Dog Food with a crunchy texture and remove plaque build-up. It is omega 3 and 6 fatty acids rich with no added flavors and fragrances. Vitamin and mineral fortified to maintain Dog health at their best.
Wagsun Premium Dog trusted chew stick Dog treats 400 GMCrude protein, calcium, fat, and fibre content, vitamin E, and minerals enriched, Contain no artificial color or added flavors.Wagsun Premium Dog trusted chew sticks are the best puppy food with delicious, natural rawhide twists. Facilitate healthy chewing & clean teeth, and strengthens gums while your dog chews. Contain no artificial color and fragrances & no chemical preservatives and bleaches.
Dogsee Chew Puffy BarsCrude protein, calcium, vitamins & minerals fortified, fat and fibre content, contain no chemical and bleachesNo artificial color or flavors.Chew puffy bars are the best dog food for older dogs. They act as one of the best soft chew dog food and are also easily digestible.Chew puffy bars are made of Yak Cheese. Their uneven texture helps in removing plaque and tartar. It is a natural and 100% vegetarian product with ingredients, such as milk, lime, and salt. 

Himalaya Healthy Treats(Dog Biscuits) Puppy, Chicken,1KG
Vitamin and minerals fortified, crude protein-rich,Fat and fibre content, 100% non-vegetarian, calcium and iron, with active components of ashwagandha and fennel ( digestive stimulants).Himalaya healthy treats are dog biscuits infused with active herbal components. Himalaya healthy treats are fortified with fennel which aids in digestion & improves the overall stomach health of dogs.
Himalaya healthy dog biscuits have a tasty chicken flavor. These best dog foods also help in building immunity. The key ingredients are ashwagandha and fennel.
Dogsee Chew CrunchiesCrude protein. Crude fat and fiber content.Grain and gluten-free.Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Carbohydrates.Dogsee Chew crunchies are the best puppy food which is rich in protein. They have a rich, cheesy flavor that maintains fresh breath in dogs.Chew crunchies also help in maintaining a healthy coat and shiny fur. They are suitable food products for small-breed dogs. They are 100% natural and vegan and consist of key ingredients such as Milk, lime, Himalayan yak cheese, and salt. Dogsee Chew crunchies also help in fighting against plaque and tartar.
Wagsun Premium Munchi Sticks, Chicken Flavour, Dog Treats400GMCarbohydrates, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and extra added minerals. Fat and fibre content. Iron, calcium, and crude protein with no added flavors and fragrances.Wagsun premium munchi sticks are premium quality and one of the best dog food. It is suitable for all size dogs and puppies. Munchi Sticks are long treats for dogs. They are rich in protein content and also aid in improving oral health.Wagsun Premium munchi sticks are beneficial for all dog breeds.100% natural. No artificial color and flavor.

What are the types of dog food?

See the list of several types of dog foods that are presently available on the market. It will help you to determine the ideal food for your dog.

  1. Dry dog food or kibble 

Dry Dog Food, known as kibble is the most widely used best dog food. Kibble usually consists of meat, legumes, vegetables, grains, and fruits. Due to its affordability, ease of administration, and ability to survive longer than other types, this is the most popular best puppy food. Kibble is like dog biscuits, shaped pellets (kibble), flakes cereal, and mixers. They have a low moisture content. Meat remains an integral ingredient of dry dog foods.

  1. Canned dog food or wet foods

This type of puppy food has a lot of moisture content. Canned dog foods are considered very expensive and are readily available at supermarkets. Canned dog food needs to be cooked at a very high temperature to sterilize it completely.

  1. Semi-moist Dog Food

Semi-moist dog food is usually considered as best dog food for small breed dogs. This food is given as puppy food treats. Since it contains very few nutrients, this type of dog food shouldn’t be used as a diet meal for your puppy. Semi-moist dog food is presented in the form of pork chops, hamburgers, or other meaty dishes. 

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  1. Raw Dog food 

Raw dog food usually consists of raw meats and muscle meat with some bones. Raw food can be commercially produced as foodstuffs like frozen or freeze-dried food, Raw dog food is considered very expensive but provides maximum benefits and is regarded as the best puppy food. It provides benefits such as healthier skin, increased energy, shinier coats, and smaller stools.

  1. Homemade dog food

Some dog parents regulate their dog’s nutrition on their own. With a home-cooked diet, the owner may be confident of the ingredients her dog consumes and that his nutritional demands are being met. Home-cooked food when cooked in the right way is considered nutritional but time-consuming & expensive.

How to select the best dog food for your pets?

It’s essential to review the list of components on the label before selecting high-quality dog food, with the first three ingredients listed being the most crucial. It guides a consumer on whether the dirt is based on vegetables, grains, or meat. While we have suggested some of the best food alternatives for your dog, if you are considering more options, please let us know. 

Here, are some essential points listed below that you should consider before selecting the best dog food for your pet.

Age: Age is one of the primary factors you should consider before selecting the best dog food for your pet. Dogs have different dietary requirements at different stages of their life. Your dog will receive all the essentially required nutrients in the ideal ratio if you feed them a formulated nutritious diet according to its life stage. Select puppy food with high-quality protein and fish oil if you are looking for a healthy alternative. You can easily get the pedigree puppy food that suits your dog’s age. 

High-quality protein: Crude protein is the integral ingredient of the best puppy food. It is a healthy energy source & crucial for muscle growth and tissue repair. Hence, if you are considering a food with high protein content, then look for ingredients and dog food products that have high protein. At least 20% should be present in dry meals, and 30% is a highly preferred protein content for best dog foods. You must look for the best dog food brands for your dog.

Vitamins & Minerals: Best dog food generally contain added vitamin and minerals as they facilitate cartilage formation, enzymatic reactions, oxygen transportation in the blood, neuron function, and even the production of hormones, minerals must be given in the appropriate balance and must be available in the dog’s food. 

Fats: Dogs require fat content as their primary energy source, and active puppies need a lot of it. These fats should constitute about 15% of the dog’s nutritional food content, preferably from a specific source like chicken fat. pedigree puppy food contains the perfect fat value for your dogs. 

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Carbohydrates: The essential sources of carbohydrates are grains and vegetables, which every dog needs to eat daily to receive sugar, starch, and fibre. Dogs are omnivores, so they don’t need veggies and fruit, although they can have them as snacks. Carbohydrates are essential for preserving your dog’s intestinal tissue strength and health.

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