How To Get Rid of Ticks And Fleas On Dogs 1

If your dog has been outdoors for any length of time, you may be wondering how to remove ticks and fleas from your pet. Fortunately, the task is relatively simple if you follow some basic steps.

Steps to Remove Tick and Fleas From Dog

1. Identify the Tick & Fleas

The first step is to locate the tick on your pet’s body. You can identify the tick by its black, brown, or tan color, as long as it has a head. Once you find it, use tweezers to firmly grasp the tick. Make sure not to twist or crush it, and use a disinfectant solution on your tweezers after you’ve handled it.

2. Loosen Tick & Fleas & Pulling Them by Tweezers

To remove ticks from your pet, you can use tweezers or a hairdryer to loosen them. Make sure you grasp the head of the tick with the tweezers and pull them out in an upward motion.

3. Using an Disinfectant

Using a disinfectant is a good idea, as this can prevent infection. However, if you are unable to do so yourself, you may want to visit a veterinarian for a more thorough removal.

4. Use of Tick & Flea & Repellent

Choosing a reliable tick repellent is also important. Many pet stores carry topical sprays that kill ticks. Some are even safe to use indoors, although you should always read the manufacturer’s instructions before applying any product to your dog. Follow the directions carefully when applying them to prevent skin contact or breathing in the spray. Using a quality tick and flea repellent will ensure that your pet is safe and tick-free.

5. Use of Luke Warm water For Bathing With Shampoo

Ticks can also live indoors, but you can get rid of them by washing your pet in warm water. However, many flea shampoos are harsh and have no lasting effects. If you do use a shampoo, make sure it contains isopropyl alcohol.

6. Removing Tick & Flea By Lemon Juice

Another effective remedy is lemon juice. Lemon juice is said to repel fleas and ticks, and is safe for humans. However, before using it on your dog, make sure that your pet isn’t allergic to vinegar. If you’re unsure, try a few drops on your tongue and see if your dog reacts.

7. Removal of Tick by Tick Collars

Another popular method to get rid of ticks and fleas on dogs is by using a tick collar. Tick collars are easy to use, and are secured around your dog’s neck. Tick collars will kill the ticks on your dog and prevent them from returning. Some collars can last for as long as eight months!

8. Maintain Cleanliness, Don’t Let you Pet Walk Much on Green Grass

Another effective prevention method is keeping your yard clean. Keeping your lawn mowed and brush clippings and leaves raked can reduce the likelihood of attracting fleas and ticks. Ticks and fleas breed in high grass and damp areas, so make sure that you keep the grass and shrubbery low. You may also want to consider treating your lawn with a flea prevention chemical. Just remember to read the instructions before applying any chemical to your lawn.

9. Use of Coconut Oil To Repel Ticks 7 Fleas

Coconut oil can also be applied on your dog’s skin to repel ticks and fleas. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is very effective for repelling these critters. However, these natural methods are not effective enough to ensure that your dog is safe from ticks and fleas. You should still use a topical treatment that protects your dog from these insects to keep them healthy.

If Dog have too much Tick & Flea, it is advised to visit a Pet Vet.

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