Great Dane, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

Huge, Powerful, Great Dane are generally known as Apollo of dogs. Apollo is referring Greek God of the Sun. They are one of the giant Dogs found globally, and they are often known for their great heights. They are indeed a great and pure breed. This Dog were found a very long time ago. The Great Dane is a long, muscular, and powerful Dog. You will always find them inside the shelters and always in active mode for your rescue. So, don’t wait to bring them to your home.

History of Great Dane

Great Danes were originated in Germany, and they are around to be around since 400 years ago. . They are known to be bred by some German Nobility. English Mastiff and a Irish Wolfhound were bred and resulted in huge Great Dane  These Dogs were known for protecting country estate and were like a guardian to the estate in the 18th century. They were suitable for hunting wild boar. They are great at getting along with other animals and humans.

Any individual who has this breed knows how to use them effectively for their incredible size, and others typically need a brief period to know this. Loud Barks and powerful feature works as a great protector to the house.

This breed was named Great Dane in 1700 by a French naturalist as they look like greyhounds, and he saw a version of Boar Hound. But this name wasn’t accepted by Italians and English countries. Even today, Italians call them Alano, meaning Mastiff.

Information about Great Dane Breed

HeightFemale 71-81 cm Male 76-86 cm
Weight50-82 kg
Life span8-10 years
Breed Size75-85 cm
NatureFriendly, Gentle, and protective
Average PriceINR 9000-26000

Highlights of Great Dane

Some of the highlights of these breed poses are given below-

  • Great Danes are gentle, sweet, and people-oriented. They are easygoing in the family and are easy to train. They are bright and intelligent and so respond well to instruction.
  • They are muscular and giant but have a short lifespan.
  • Great Danes needs a spacious place to roam around.
  • When you have a big dog like a Great Dane, you need to provide good care and maintenance. These include veterinary care, nutritious food, proper grooming ans heartworm preventives. You should be informed that you’ll have to scoop up their poop a lot.
  • Great Dane needs a long time to stop their growth and so needs so much nutrition, Joints of large dogs, and bones. It would be best to remember not to allow Great Dane puppies to jump or Jog until they reach 18 months old, reducing their growing bones and joint strength.
  • Their strength is their power, and they need a properly nutritious diet for their bones and Joints. It is to prevent the orthopedic issue
  • As these breeds are special and unique, you must not buy them from irresponsible breeders, puppy mills, or stores. You must need to buy it from responsible local breeders.
  • This giant breed requires a lot of space and so needs a big house to roam around. They are not well suited to a small house.

Appearance of Great Dane

Great Danes are known as One of the biggest and tallest globally. They are massive with great masculinity, apart from their elegant height and weight. They have an incredible physique with mischievous humor. They always want to rub in their floppy ears and need a muzzle for droopy jowls.

You can know more about Great Danes appearance by the information given below-

  • Coat Colors-Great Danes have single-layered Coat, which seems so sleek and short. This coat gives them a shaven appearance as it lies very close to their body. This makes it easy for the pet owner to keep him adequately groomed. There are so many color varieties in coat in these breeds than any other breeds.
  • Muscular- As we already know, how massive these dogs are. This tells so much about their masculinity and athleticism.  The smooth, sleek coat shows well-defined muscle, which can be visible from a distance. These muscles are a big part of their look, and it also plays into their health. The heart muscle grows weaker with age due to the heavy circulatory system.
  • Head – Head gives the first impression of looks. The Great Dane’s large head gives them a unique look. Their heads are rectangular and long in shape with solid foreheads. Facial bones seem smoother in the case of Great female Danes, which gives a delicate look.
  • Nose– Great Dane noses are in different colors, just like their coat.
  • Eye– Great Dane possesses dark-colored eyes. Few poses light-colored look too.  These medium-sized eyes are set deep in the face, fitted tightly in the eye socket.
  • Tail – Great Dane’s tails are sleek and smooth, just like their coat. It lies flat with the spine. The tail gets raised while they run. Some dogs also curled or ring-shaped tails.

Great Dane Characteristics

Great Danes are among the friendliest breed around. They are well-natured, sweet and gentle. They love to play around in great spaces. They are very easygoing and get adjusted well with kids and other animals in the house. They are brilliant, which makes them very eager to learn something new and makes them easy to be trained.

  • Great Danes like people to be around and even friendly with strangers. They love visitors in-home and welcome them happily.
  • Great Danes love to play in lap and think of themselves as Lapdogs. So they never miss out on getting in your lap.
  • Early socialization can help your Great Danes to get exposure to social skills. It includes different people, sounds, sights, and places. It lets your Dog grow up well.
  • This easygoing breed is real fun to be with. Friendly nature makes them more lovable.
  • Having this great Dog also adds responsibility to the owner to maintain his health, feed nutritious food, and be well-groomed, which is not easy.
  • We know now that Great Danes dogs have various coat colors and patterns. Black and white color and patchwork pattern Harlequin are best known.
  • Apart from their gentle nature, they are very protective and work as Guardians at home. Great Danes’ masculinity makes them look powerful, which certainly makes people to get afraid. But that’ doesn’t relate to their friendly nature. Thus making Great Danes great friend and powerful foe.
  • Despite their name, they are not Danish. German noble used these breeds for boar hunting.

Size of Great Dane

Size of the Male Great Danes is around 30-34 inch and weigh 120 -200 pounds, The female great dane usually is 28-32 inch tall and weigh 100-130 pounds.

These breeds are generally significant as they don’t stop growing so early. Their size also affects their health.

Great Danes grow fully between 18-24 months of age. Even though they are fully grown, they never stop growing muscles. As they are very large and muscular, healthy and nutritious food is needed to satisfy their health.

Life Span Great Dane

Great Danes have a life span of 6-7 years, which is very short compared to other dogs. Luckily they can live up to the age of 12, and for that, they need good care which can make them fit and healthy.

Even though they are large and powerful, they live for a short time. The large size and high muscularity need the excellent circulation of blood, and so with age, their deep circulatory system becomes weak and their life span becomes short.

This is very sad that even being the largest and tallest Dog globally, their life span is concise.

Health tips for Great Dane

As we now know about their short expected life, they need proper care regarding health if you desire them to be strong and healthy, which may even increase their lifespan. Great Danes are vulnerable to many health issues, which means you need to find out about them properly to stop such diseases to satisfy their life.

Here we have some health issues and ideas to prevent it for the Great Danes healthy life-

  • Heart Issues: the fantastic Dane breed is more susceptible to heart problems than other breeds. To combat this, reputable breeders often perform echocardiograms on the breeding dogs to reduce the probability of the difficulty being inherited by future puppies. These tests often occur at 2-6 years old.
  • Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is a genetic condition where the hip joint is not formed correctly and causes lameness and pain. Fortunately, you can find multiple therapies and treatment solutions available, including weight reduction, exercise restriction, physical therapy, and medications.
  • Bloat: The breed is especially vulnerable to bloat, a dangerous and sometimes fatal condition that results in the stomach twisting and cutting off the blood supply. Dogs that suffer from bloat once often have it a second time, along with your veterinarian may recommend a tacking procedure to try and minimize future risk. If you own a fantastic Dane or another breed at risk of this disease, confer with your veterinarian regarding the apparent symptoms of bloat and how it could be avoided.
  • Cardiomyopathy: Great Danes are notable for their big hearts, but this figure of speech has a darker, more literal meaning.
  • Joint & Bone Disease: With those giant frames, it truly is no wonder that Great Danes experience joint and bone diseases, such for example hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. These conditions are often gradual and end up in a slow deterioration that ultimately requires owners to decide about their dog’s quality of life.

Care of Great Dane

Despite their giant size, a Great Dane is mellow adequate to become an excellent house dog, though they indeed are not well ideal for a tiny apartment simply because they’ll knock into everything.

Some of the care tips are given below-

  • They could get cold within the winter, so they shouldn’t be left outside in colder climates, but no dog should. The simple truth is, they might enjoy having a sweater or fleece coat to help keep them toasty warm if you are for a walk in a winter climate.
  • They genuinely are relatively quiet indoors. Nevertheless, they want an extended walk at least one time every day or a sizable yard to check in. A grownup Great Dane needs 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise, following their age and activity level. Puppies and adolescents need about 90 minutes of exercise on a typical basis.
  • They will need a six-foot fence, though they might not be a jumper. If you are a gardening fan, realize that they enjoy destroying the landscaping–just a little safety tip in hopes of preventing human cardiac arrest.
  • As you might prefer a running partner, wait to carry your Great Dane jogging until they could be at least 5 years old. Their bones keep growing, and they are just not up to work. In reality, your pet is practically most certainly not all set to go jogging until they genuinely are a couple of years old.
  • Crate training benefits every Dog, and it is an excellent way to ensure that your Great Dane will not have accidents in your home or get into things they require don’t. A crate–a huge one–is also a spot where they can retreat for a nap. Crate training at an early age can help your Dane accept confinement once they must indeed be boarded or hospitalized.
  • Never stick your Dane in a crate the whole day, however. It isn’t a jail, as well as must not conserve money for quite a few years at the same time along it except when they’re sleeping through the night. Nutrition/Food of Great Dane
  • Great Danes typically do well on high-quality commercial dog food, certainly made for large-breed dogs. Make sure to consider your puppy age and choose a formula that fits their stage in life (puppy, adult, senior). Look through the packaging for a statement that says the foodstuff meets Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) nutritional standards to make sure it truly is complete and balanced. Your veterinarian will enable you to select a food that is the best for your Great Dane dietary needs.
  • When you are making plans for the puppy meals, dont forget to count the treats! Whether found in training or simply just simply because you love them, those calories count, too. So, it is crucial to balance treats with mealtime portions to keep your pup at a wholesome and balanced weight.
  • For people who have any queries, check with your vet. They indeed are in the best position to help you select the right food for almost any Dog predicated on their individual needs.

Grooming for Great Dane

  1. They shed a lot. However, their coat is easy to help keep in top condition with regular brushing. Use a firm bristle brush and shampoo as required. Frequent brushing keeps your Great Dane’s coat healthy and clean, plus it significantly reduces the sheer quantity of baths they require.
  2. While you might imagine, bathing a Great Dane is an intimidating task, especially if they are not receiving worked up about it. It is difficult to imagine them hiding underneath the dining table while planning to escape a bath. However, it happens.
  3. Start getting your Dane knowledgeable about being brushed and examined after they’re a puppy. Handle their paws frequently–dogs are touchy about their feet–and look at their mouth. Make grooming a positive experience high in praise and rewards, and you should lay the groundwork for straightforward veterinary exams and another handling if they are a grownup.

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Exercise for Great Dane

  • The Great Dane breed needs about 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day. This can probably include many different walks and playtime in a fenced yard. As adults, Great Danes enjoy long hikes; you will want to keep back until they have been 2 yrs old to prevent problems with their growing joints. You may want to see them be a Great jogging partner; they may be pretty speedy. Another great way to bond with your adult Dog is by dog sports. Danes are good at agility, obedience, tracking, and even flyball.
  • Don’t forget to exercise their mind, too! Use interactive toys and food bowls to have interacted with their sharp minds and offer them puzzles to correct.
  • Despite enjoying long walks in addition to the occasional case associated with their degrees of energy are relatively low. Doggy play dates or trips to your furry friend’s dog park are great for mental and physical working out, but pretty much all Danes are pleased to pay all of that other day just chilling in your home.

Price of Great Dane in India

DelhiINR 26,000-40,000
MumbaiINR 26,000-35,000
BangloreINR 30,000-40,000
PuneINR 2500-40,000
HyderabadINR 24,000-35,500
AhmedabadINR 24,000-30,000
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