Petstages Dental Cherries Cat Toy Catnip Infused(for clean teeth)


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  • Dental Cherries
  • Lightweight to bat, chase and carry
  • Mesh texture helps to remove tartar and massage gums
  • Contains catnip
  • Crinkle sound mimics natural sounds cats love
  • Feathers engage natural hunting, batting and swatting behaviors

     Origin of Product-USA

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Weight 27.2 g
Dimensions 3.81 × 3.81 × 2.54 cm

Dental Chews by Petstages infused with catnip helps to clean teeth and massage gums to improve your cat’s dental health. Made with mesh netting material that is gentle on the gums while also helps in removing plaque and tartar. These adorable dental cat chew toys are stuffed with catnip to attract your kitty and energize them to play. Lightweight and constructed with different features such as feathers, bells, and various fabrics for a multi-sensory experience your kitty is sure to love.

  • HELPS CLEAN TEETH: Petstages dental cat chew toys are made with mesh material that gently cleans soft plaque and tartar off your kitty’s teeth as they play and chew.
  • TOSS AND BAT: Bring out the little hunter in your cat with the Petstages Dental Cherries cat chew toy! This adorable chew toy is perfect for engaging your cat in a playful game or letting them bat and swat on their own.
  • PROMOTES POSITIVE CHEWING BEHAVIOR: Whether you have a kitten that’s teething or an older feline that loves to chew, these dental cat chew toys by Petstages can help satisfy their urges and redirect their behavior away from your hands and furniture!
  • CATNIP STUFFED CHEW TOY: Stuffed with dried catnip for an irresistible bite from the moment your cat sinks their teeth into one of these cute cat chew toys!

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