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Pet Grooming in Madhinaguda

Are you planning for holidays with your furball? How about flaunting your fresh, clean, and slick pet on vacation? It’s time for a professional grooming service in Madhinaguda,Hyderabad for your pet. A well-groomed, healthy, and happy pet attracts everyone’s attention, showing how much you value your fur baby. 

If you reside in Madhinaguda, Hyderabad, you can get the best pet grooming services at home near you at Patmypets. We offer complete grooming services to cats and dogs at highly affordable costs. You will find various packages consisting of different pet grooming services from which you can choose the one that suits your pet. 

Booking your pet grooming appointment is hassle-free at Patmypets. Visit our website and search for your city and area name. Now choose the desired services, enter essential details, and select a time and date according to your comfort. Our professional groomers will visit your home with all the tools required for a grooming session, giving your pet a stunning look. 

How to make your pet ready for a grooming session? 

  • Give rewards : Initially, pets get scared of equipment and tools and try to escape the grooming sessions. However, you can introduce your pet to grooming equipment at a younger age so that they get familiar with process. For example, you can introduce them to dryers. After every calm grooming session, giving them a great treat will make the task easier. 
  • Use proper tools: You must be careful that the equipment is not broken or infected to ensure safer grooming sessions. Before you start with the grooming session: 
  1. Do a proper research
  2. Get reviews from people who are already using a particular tool.
  3. Make a list of pros and cons.

Our expert groomers at Patmypets in Madhinaguda can help you with recommendations for the best equipment and grooming techniques. 

  • Follow the correct procedure: A happy and successful grooming session requires a proper procedure. Whether doing it yourself or availing of a pet grooming service in Madhinaguda, you must follow the appropriate procedure. For example, combing and brushing are followed by bathing. 
  • Make the session enjoyable: Bathing is not always fun for all pets, but there are various tips that you can follow to make it a fun time for your furball. Avoid bathing accidents like slipping, itching, scratching, etc. Use bath toys for your pet and let them enjoy their time in the water. At Patmypets, we offer the best pet grooming services in Madhinaguda and ensure a happy and playful grooming session. 


Dog grooming price in Madhinaguda ranges from Rs. 800-2000. The price changes according to services.

Cat grooming price in Madhinaguda ranges from Rs. 900-1400. The price changes according to services.

Pet grooming in Madhinaguda takes approx. 90 minutes. The time varies according to the services you choose.

Essential equipment required for dog grooming includes a comb, brush, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toenail clipper, forceps, gauge, etc.

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