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Pet Grooming in Chandanagar

We understand how much pet parents adore their little fur babies; they are the most valuable part of each other’s lives. The hygiene of your furry friends is equally important. Grooming not only makes your pet look fluffy and fresh but also makes them healthy. You can book your pet grooming session from professionals at Patmypets. We offer various dog and cat grooming services at your doorstep in Chandanagar, Hyderabad.

What are the benefits of pet grooming services in Chandanagar? 

  • Get your pet groomed by experts.

As pet grooming requires various equipment, grooming at home without skills and proper tools can be unsafe for you and your pet. Professional groomers are trained to use each piece of equipment and know all the details about pet breeds. It makes it easier for them to know your pet and make them comfortable while providing safe and quality services. 

  • Pet becomes more socialized.

Pets often become aggressive during grooming, and they can scratch or bite you. The pet groomers are well-trained in handling pets and calming them down. They know all the techniques to make the pet comfortable so it does not create any fuss during the grooming session. Additionally, professional grooming sessions enhance your pet’s mental wellness, which makes them more welcoming, happy and socialized. 

  • Your pet and your house become clean and tidy.

As your fur baby sheds hair, regular trimming can help reduce the hairs sticking all around the furniture and clothes. Excessive shedding can lead to harmful effects on a pet’s coat. Pet grooming at home in Chandanagar @ patmypets will take care of your pet’s coat. We wash and brush your pet and make their coat healthy by removing dirt, stains, and dead skin. It prevents excessive shedding and reduces chances of catching infections.

  • Service at door 

We offer you the facility for pet grooming at home in Chandanagar, Hyderabad. Our professionals will visit your house at your booked appointment and provide exclusive services to your pet in the comfort of your home. We hire every pet groomer with proper background checks to ensure your and your pet’s safety. A proper training is provided to groomers for top notch luxurious pet grooming sessions.


Dog grooming sessions include nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, bathing, conditioning, drying, combing, etc. we have packages including a wide range of services. You can choose any package that fulfills the grooming needs of your pet.

Dog grooming at home in Chandanagar costs between Rs. 800 to 2000. It depends on the services you avail. 

Cat grooming at home in Chandanagar costs between Rs. 900 to 1400. It depends on the services you avail. 

Pet grooming session takes approx. 90 minutes. However, the time consumed in the session depends on the services you avail. 

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