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Pet Grooming in Vijaynagar

Grooming is one of the basic need for any pet’s well-being. Being a working owner, sometimes it can be very hectic to keep the grooming of a pet on record. For such instances, Patmypets brings you a sigh of relief by giving you a pet grooming in Vijaynagar at home. 

Now, you can make online bookings for your lovely Pets at Patmypets, and your part of the work is all done. We will do the rest of the thing at your doorstep in Vijaynagr. 

Why is pet grooming necessary? 

  1. Groom helps to live free from illness

Hygiene is an essential part of daily life in any living thing existing in this world. It’s necessary for one’s good physical health. Otherwise, one might get suffer from illness and diseases. This same goes for our cute puppy pets. So, the pets need to be groomed regularly to obtain good health so they get cleaned and live free from any possible disease. 

  1. Grooming prevent Ticks

This is the most common problem among pets. It is caused due to the dirt and pollution which enters the body while playing outdoors. Ticks can become severe health illnesses like skin problems, skin irritation, swellings, and many other issues; these effects the pet’s physical and mental health. So, grooming the pet frequently can certainly prevent Ticks and the diseases caused by them.

  1. Grooming gives good health

pet grooming in Vijaynagar helps maintain good health as it properly cleans the fur and skin. Good health is the reason your pet will live actively and happily. Otherwise, the pet may get sick and lazy. So, the grooming of a pet is necessary for good health. 

Why should you choose Patmypets in Vijaynagar?

Giving time to your Pet for its grooming is very precious, and it’s a happy time for every pet owner, but still, many of us fail to do so because of our hectic daily work. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with a solution in Patmypets. We know all of your pet’s problems and your love and concern for them. So, we provide doorstep service in Vijaynagar to give the best care to your pets.  We offer a convenient pet grooming in Vijaynagar to your pet, keeping your emotional care in our mind.

pet grooming FAqs

Pet Grooming at Home in Vijaynagar-FAQs

It would cost you around Rs 950-1700. There are many other packages to go through according to the needs of your pet. The cost differs according to the package you choose

Cat grooming will typically charge you around Rs 1100-1900. Keeping in mind extra care of the pet, we have many other valuable services in the package. The package has different costs according to the services you avail for your dear pet.

Usually, basic pet grooming in Vijaynagar will not take more than 90 minutes. But again, we have many other exclusive care package services according to the choice.

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