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Pet Grooming in KR Puram

Patmypets have eased your grooming worries by providing you with a professional groomer for your pet grooming at home. Isn’t it wonderful? It is an online process of booking an appointment for your pet, just like your home spa. Pet grooming can be challenging as it sounds. Pets get aggressive while grooming their shaggy hair and sensitive skin.

Just like our hair, pets also have different kinds of hair, which varies according to the climate and breed you. So providing the best shampoo for our pet’s coat is essential. Let’s look into the necessary things while choosing a shampoo for our little friend. 

Things to consider while choosing Shampoo for your pet grooming in RK Puram.

Pets’ fur is the first thing anyone likes the most to play with, so if you want to make your pet stand out.

The first and foremost part of grooming is bathing. Bathing cleans the dirty fur. Like us, our pets need the best shampoo to clean and make their hair smooth and shiny. 

But what if we use it to cleanse the body? Isn’t cleaning the skin as expected? Sometimes allergies and skin infections are the reason for the wrong product. Let’s look into what one should see while choosing pet shampoo. 

  1. Brand- So many brands are available in the market for pets, but choosing the best one is necessary. One must look out for the best nature-based brand and chemical-free brands for pets. 
  2. Ingredients- Look for ingredients that are chemical-free for your pet. Choose the shampoo that mitigates and hydrates instead of drying out skin and coat. Patmypets website has the best concerns for furry pets’ hair and has the best ingredients shampoo suitable for the pet’s hair and skin. 
  3. Expiry date- One must check the expiry date of the pet shampoo before using them. Expired products can harm the pet’s hair and can cause many skin rashes making the hair look dull and dry, 
  4. Seal- Don’t compromise on giving the best to your pets. Never buy unsealed shampoo products for Pets. 
  5. Pet skin type- Different pets have different skin types. So, choose accordingly. Shampoo not of your pet’s skin type can cause allergies and rashes. Patmypets have different kinds of shampoo according to your pet’s skin type. Choose wisely and make your furry friend look good. 

Breed – Shampoo products vary with the pet breed. Not all pets have the same hair, so they need extra care while choosing the best shampoo for your pet breed.

pet grooming FAqs

Pet Grooming at Home in KR Puram - FAQs

 The pricing for dog grooming in KR Puram varies depending on the specific services chosen. The cost typically ranges from Rs. 950 to 1700. You can get detailed pricing information and available service packages on Patmypet website.

The cost of cat grooming services in KR Puram varies between Rs. 1100 and 1400, depending on the selected services. You can get detailed pricing information and available service packages on Patmypet website.

 On average, a pet grooming session in KR Puram takes approximately 90 minutes. However, the duration may vary based on factors like the pet’s size, coat condition, and the required grooming services.

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