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Pet Grooming in Arekere

Pet grooming is undoubtedly one of the essential tasks to keep your pet’s health good. It’s a time taking process and sometimes hectic to take out time for their grooming. Patmypets provides the best doorstep grooming services to you. We have experts and professionals to groom your little pet grooming in Arekere.

Pets have a big problem with their odors in the house. Like humans, dogs have oily skin, which sweats. The smell goes wherever they go. That is a significant amount of dog odor in a home.

Pet grooming in Arekere by Patmypets Services has an excellent idea to get rid of that. Let’s look into how to tackle pet odor to keep our house pets odor free.

5 Effective Solutions to tackle pet Odours in your home

Before looking for a solution, we must know how these odors build up in pets. The main reason for a pet’s smell is sweat. Our dog skin fur covers the skin, which in turn gets humid and oily, Which when, when not cleaned for a long time, builds the odor. It’s unpleasant when our home smells like a pet odor everywhere. 

So, Patmypets brings you the 5 practical solutions for it-

  1. Regular bathing – Cleanliness is essential to grooming, which helps remove sweat from the pet’s body. When the skin becomes oil-free, the pet has fewer chances of body odor. Bathing with good medicated fragrance shampoo helps to keep pet fur and skin clean and odor-free. 
  2. Washing pet bed regularly- Washing our little pet’s bed with hot water can help keep your home odor-free. Pet’s hair fall needs to be routinely vacuumed as it spreads out in the house, which smells like pets all over the place. 
  3. Using odor-eliminating sprays and powder- There are many sprays available in Patmypets online shop where you can buy them. It helps to eliminate body odor from our pets. Some powders lock the moisture and prevent sweat, ultimately reducing the odor. 
  4. Using Air Purifier at Home – When it comes to the smell of the home interior, we get more concerned as nobody wants it. The air inside locks the smell with it, resulting in a foul odor. Air purifier helps to purify the air from time to time which helps to eliminate pet odor from the house. 
  5. Regular brushing- Pets’ hair is one of the reasons for the lousy odor all over the home. The hair fall gets in the fabric of our beds and couches, which then smells like a pet. Regular brushing will help you eliminate the hair fall, and then you won’t have to worry about the hair and its odor in your couches.
pet grooming FAqs

Pet Grooming at Home in Arekere-FAQs

Patmypets offers affordable dog grooming services and costs roughly Rs 950-1700. Patmypets have packages to select from for pet grooming in Arekere. 

In Arekere, cat grooming can cost between Rs 1100 and Rs 1400. Patmypets have packages to select from for pet grooming in Arekere. 

Pet grooming in Arekere takes around 90 minutes. The time varies as per services.

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