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Pet Grooming in Mehdipatnam

Do you know what is the common necessity among you and your pet? It’s regular grooming. just like you do regular haircuts, nail trimming, bathing, etc., your pet needs it too for a healthy lifestyle. Imagine yourself not groomed for months; you will be full of infections, foul smells, and an unhappy attitude; the same happens with your pet. 

If you are uncomfortable taking your pet out for a grooming service, you can book a pet grooming in Mehdipatnam at home with Patmypets. We offer professional care with exclusive pet grooming services at home.

How to know that your pet needs grooming? 

Although pet grooming is an essential part of pet’s life that should be done at regular time intervals, there are few signs indicating that your pet needs a grooming session. 

Dirty coat

When you notice your pet’s coat is becoming dirty and dull, it’s time for grooming. If your furball has lost the shine from its fur and has muddy patches, it indicates that you must arrange a grooming session for it. 

Uncomfortable and itchy

Pets are more prone to catching ticks and fleas, making your pet itchy and constantly rubbing their skin. You may notice that your pet is becoming restless and scratching their coat. It is a sign that they need a good grooming session to eliminate this discomfort. 

Bad smell

You might have encountered pets who smell so bad that it becomes hard to stand near them. This happens due to the dirt accumulation in the pet’s ears, leading to infection. It causes foul smells, and the pet seems to be ill. This can be prevented by regular pet grooming in Mehdipatnam. 

Irregular bowel pattern 

Ignoring pet hygiene can lead to disturbed bowel movement, which leads to swelling of glands and discomfort due to the solidification of poop. Pet groomers at Patmypet properly clean the glands and give them a relaxing bath. It solves bowel movement issues. 

Long nails 

If you notice your pet moving around with a strange posture, their nails are long. It means you need to book their nail clipping session asap. Bigger nails cause pain and discomfort during walking. Contact the pet grooming services in Mehdipatnam at home with Patmypets. 

Other signs

Apart from the signs discussed above, various other signs show that your pet needs grooming. If your pet is lethargic, slow, seems unhealthy, not eating well, and showing lousy behavior, it means grooming is required.


In Mehdipatnam, dog grooming costs between Rs. 800-2000 per session. However, the charges depend on the services you choose.

In Mehdipatnam, cat grooming costs between Rs. 900-1400. Further, the charges depend on the services you avail of.

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