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Price of Dog Grooming in Tagore Garden, Delhi Starts at 700-1250

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Price of Cat Grooming in Tagore Garden, Delhi Starts at 750-1150

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Bathing your pet regularly, but still, it’s getting sick again and again? We recommend you try professional pet grooming in Tagore Garden. Washing and brushing alone cannot help you keep your pet clean and infection free in the long run; your pet requires clean ears, eyes, paws, and trimmed nails to stay healthy. Pet grooming in Tagore Garden can make It happen. 

You can book your pet grooming in Tagore Garden and give your pet complete grooming with professionals using proper equipment and products. This will help treat the infections in your pet and make it look attractive and fresh. 

Advantages of Pet Grooming in Tagore Garden? 

When you properly groom your pet, you offer him various benefits. 

  • Pet feel happy

After a grooming session, you will find your pet fresh and extremely happy. Your fur baby will smell good and be more playful. Ignoring pet grooming in Tagore garden for a long can lead to a lethargy, dirty and unhappy pet. You can avail of pet grooming services at home in Tagore Garden with Patmypets. 

  • Controls shedding 

Pet grooming in Tagore Garden helps control the shedding of your pet’s hair. Your pet’s coat and skin will become more nourished, and shedding will be minimum. Regular pet grooming in Tagore Garden removes the dead hairs from your pet’s body, and your furry friend doesn’t leave hairs here and there. 

  • Ear and eyes health 

Regular grooming promotes your pet’s ear and eye health. We offer deep cleaning to your pet and remove any infection from your pet’s ears and eyes. The wax buildup in pets’ ears leads to foul smells and diseases. 

  • Expert attention 

The expert groomers at Tagore Garden help detect any infection or disease growing on your pet’s body. They examine your pet carefully and treat any bump or scar on the body. They also notice any weight changes, skin issues, parasites, or underlying infections in the pet. It helps in reducing vet visits. 

  • Healthy Joints 

Regular nail trimming promotes healthy joints. If your pet has big nails, it can lead to an uncomfortable walking posture, which results in joint pains. Imagine walking with a lousy posture; your legs will pain severely. The same happens with your pet. Additionally, long nails can also result in slipping accidents with your pets.

How to know if your Dog & Cat needs grooming?

Various signs indicate your pet needs urgent grooming.

If you notice your pet is scratching himself 

Pets often attract ticks, fleas and bugs, which need to be removed immediately; otherwise, your pet will be uncomfortable, leading to several health issues. It’s the time when you should book an urgent grooming session with Patmypets in Vasant Vihar. 

Your pet is looking dull and lazy. 

If you love your pet, you will always want it to stay spick and span, but when you take them on walks or playgrounds, they get exposed to dirt. After a few days, you will notice they become dull and lazy due to the dirt accumulation on their coat. It’s when your pet needs grooming to regain its charm and beauty. 

Gunk-filled long nails

Trimming your pet’s nails is a real challenge, but you can’t ignore it. Nail trimming is essential for your furbaby to keep him safe from joint pains and slipping accidents. The gunk deposit in nails can lead to various infections. So, book the nail trimming session when you notice gunk and long nails. 

When they scoot

Scooting indicates that your pet faces closed anal sacs and some infection in the anal area. You will notice your pet rubbing its bottom to the ground repeatedly, which is called scooting. Pet grooming services in Vasant Vihar will help your furbaby eliminate infections and clogging. 


At Patmypets, full cat grooming session charges range from Rs. 750-1150. However, costs may vary according to the services.

Complete dog grooming takes up to 90 minutes. According to the services, you can check our website for the time required for grooming sessions. 

Full cat grooming takes up to 90 minutes. According to the services, you can check our website for the time required for grooming sessions. 

Dog grooming in Tagore Garden costs Rs. 700-1250, but the charges may vary depending on the services. 

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