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✅ Cat Bath & Dry
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✅ Spirtz of perfume
✅ Cat Teeth Cleaning
✅ Cat Nail Clipping
✅ Cat Paw Massage
✅Cat Combing/Brushing
✅ Cat Ear & Eyes Cleaning
✅ Cat Mouth Spray
✅ Cat Sanitary cleaning
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✅ Cat Bathing with shampoo
✅ Conditioning
✅ Blow Drying
✅ Cat Nail Clipping
✅ Cat Ear Cleaning
✅ Cat Eye Cleaning
✅ Cat Paw Massage
✅Cat Combing/Brushing
✅ Cat Powder & Perfume
✅ Cat Mouth Spray
✅ Cat Haircut Styling
✅ Cat Sanitary Cleaning
Under Paw Trim
✅ Anti – Tick Treatment
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So far best cat grooming service for my “Katty” She really like the grooming done by patmypets.

Saket, New Delhi

My cat is angry bird, Patmypets groomer handled my cat very well

Jiya, Saket

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Cat grooming at Home Near You

Cat grooming has a connection to a pet’s health. It has a human-like appearance and behavior. You must treat your cherished pet with the same level of attention that you provide to yourself. When their masters properly care for their pets, they feel terrific. To give the fantastic cat grooming, you must consider some factors, like the cat’s size, temperament, species, and so on. You have to choose cat grooming techniques that consider all of these factors. Nail trimming, hair combing, washing, ear care, and teaching them a disciplined routine are all examples of cat grooming.

It is critical to get the advice of a veterinarian to ensure proper cat grooming sessions. His advice is quite valuable in this situation. He is the only one in this profession that has both expertise and experience, so you can expect the best grooming services from them. Grooming cats online is a usual concept these days. Many pet groomers now provide online cat grooming services.

Although, with so many alternatives, you must choose the best one, which necessitates some study to collect specific information about it. You have the option of grooming your cat at home or transporting it to a grooming specialist who will do it for you

What are the benefits of Cat grooming?

Shampooing, washing, and combing a cat’s coat frequently can keep it healthy. Grooming cats is a pleasurable experience for the majority of felines. Brushes can adjust according to the cat’s fur. To avoid knitting and hair matting, thickly furred cats must be brushed and cleaned daily. That’s a duty that should be completed regularly, and a groomer is an expert at it. Medium-haired cats should brush at least once a week, although short-haired cats don’t need to brush as frequently. During shedding season, you must provide the best grooming service possible. It immerses as a means of reducing the accumulation of fur.

Hair brushing is a pleasurable hobby; however, nail trimming is a complete horror. Handling the pads of cats is the most arduous task, regardless of the breed. That is why most cat owners choose to take their cats to groomers that specialize in this area. They believe that by doing this treatment, they may endanger the cat.

Check out some essential information about Cat  grooming

Brushing your cat’s hair, which ventilates their coat and helps it become healthy, as well as removing old and damaged hair, are all part of cat care. If you want to keep your favorite pet healthy and happy, grooming is essential. Grooming allows your cat’s skin to breathe and the grease in the coat to be even. Too much oil can clog the pores, causing significant irritation and different skin problems.

Because of our hectic schedules, taking adequate care of our pets might be hard at times. It could be a time-consuming task for you. You might even think that their coat appears to be in good condition, so why bother? However, you must pay close attention to it to avoid developing a skin condition. Cat grooming is beneficial not only to your cat but also to your pet.

However, before we go any further, let’s go through what this grooming service entails. How often your pet should groom, how brushing should be complete, and so on. Cat grooming involves a variety of operations, including nail clipping, cat hair removal, teeth cleaning, and ear cleaning.

What kind of Cat grooming services do we provide?

Here are some pet grooming services which we provide are as follow:

  • From looking better to feeling better in the future

Brushing your teeth is pleasurable, and it also helps to prevent various forms of dental problems in the future. Grooming your pet has become a similar task.

Cleaning a kitty’s eyes with a specially made cat eye wipe, for example, helps to eliminate tear stains and debris that could cause duct obstruction. Simultaneously, combing your cat helps to remove minor tangles regularly, reducing the likelihood of great mats.

  • Examining the health of your cat daily

Grooming is essential since it provides a virtuous opportunity to become acquainted with the cat’s physique. For example, combing your furry cat after a walk in the yard is vital to check for fleas and ticks in their body. Cleaning your cat’s teeth regularly can allow you to quickly determine whether or not there is a gum problem. As a result, it is without a doubt true that constant grooming lets you efficiently recognize abnormalities in your pet and identify any prospective issues that you can discuss with your pet’s veterinarian.

  • Keeping your house safe and clean

Your cat will not only look lovely, but they will also feel fantastic on the inside. Proper grooming aids in the cleanliness of your house. The more you brush your cat, the more hair you’ll collect in the brush, which you may then wash out with shampoo. You’ll notice a reduction in the amount of hair on your couch and bed. Furthermore, we all enjoy cuddling with a clean, freshly bathed cat. It’s natural for us to do so.

Hire Expert Cat Groomer at Home

When you hire expert cat groomers to come to your home, you get to spend one-on-one time with your cherished pet. The groomer will assist you in forming a relationship with you. Professional cat groomers use grooming gloves because cats lift excessive hair while also providing therapeutic massage. It contributes to a pleasant grooming experience.

Grooming also aids in the development of trust in your pet. It gives the impression that you are a good master and also that you are properly caring for your cat. You will have the opportunity to show your furry pet some love and care at each grooming.

Regular grooming benefits your pet’s general health while making your life easier.

What is the procedure for “at-home” Cat grooming?

This cat grooming service is available in the following ways:

  • Online service booking on a schedule
  • All you have to do is pick a time and day that works best for you.
  • Professional pet groomers bring a variety of tools with them.
  • Your cat will not have stress during the trip.
  • The grooming service provides at the client’s residence.

When the grooming procedure finishes, the groomer cleans up everything.


1. What does cat grooming entail?

They clip long-haired pets who demand more maintenance and remove matted fur and tangles. Some groomers, for example, will shave a cat’s hair to 12 inches if the customer requests it. Some cats, especially in the summer, prefer to have less fur.

2. How often should a cat be groomed by a professional?

Although cats are excellent groomers, it’s still necessary to groom them professionally every four to six weeks. Grooming accurately and regularly is an excellent method to stay on top of any potential health issues.

3. What are the essential services for cat grooming?

The most typical services provided by a cat groomer are listed below.

  • Cat groomers can bathe your cat safely.
  • Cat groomers provide primary nail care to your cat.
  • Groomers give your cat a thorough brushing and trim.
  • Cat groomers give ear care for cats.

4. How long does it take to groom a cat?

The grooming process can take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours, depending on the type of grooming service you select, your pet’s breed, and their condition. Smaller animals will take less time. We prefer not to hurry the grooming procedure. We want your pet to feel at ease with our groomer so that it won’t be afraid.

5. What are the benefits of flea and tick prevention?

Flea and tick infestations can be dangerous to your pet’s health. Pet owners may assist their cats and dogs avoid pain, skin infections, and diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever by continuously preventing fleas and ticks.

6. What role does tick and flea treatment play for cats?

Ticks transmit disease predominantly in the nymph and adult phases. Ticks carry a variety of illnesses, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Fleas can transmit the plague and cat scratch fever. That is why every cat needs to treat for fleas and ticks.

7. What are the prominent tick and flea treatment options for cats?

On the market, there are a variety of cat flea treatment options. In the case of fleas and ticks for cats, this includes a slew of cures employing drugs with no scientific backing. The following are some of the most common cat flea treatments:

  • Spot-On Flea Treatments: Spot-on flea treatments come in a different types of strengths and applications.
  • Flea Collars, Powders, and Sprays for Cats: Flea collars, powders, and sprays aren’t recommended. While these solutions were formerly the gold standard for flea treatment, they are now more harmful and ineffective than the ones we recommend now.

8. How much should grooming a cat cost?

The national average cost of cat grooming is between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000, depending on where you reside and what services you require. Your cat’s personality has an impact on grooming costs. Scratching and hissing during a groomer visit might result in hazard pay of Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 or more.

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