Dogsee Chew Minipops


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  • Low in Fat so you can reward your dog while keeping their weight in check..
  • High protein content helps provide energy.
  • Easy-to-feed and bite-sized so you can grab a handful and use them to make training sessions more productive and fun.
  • Smoked and sun dried for 35 days
  • 100% natural

     Country of Origin-India


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Weight 70 g

Natural, bite-sized treats specially handcrafted to make rewarding healthy and training sessions more fun for your dog. These cheesy treats are packed with protein, and low in fat to help provide energy and keep your pups’ weight in check.

Ingredients: Yak and/or Cow milk with lime juice and a hint of salt.

Crude Protein: Min 59.2% Crude Fat: Min 5.2% Fiber: Min 5.9% Moisture: Max 10.0 %

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