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Dog Grooming Packages in Santacruz, Mumbai

Our trained pet groomer has successfully groomed over 10000+ dogs & cats throughout India. When you book an appointment, one of our dog groomers will come directly to your house in Santacruz, Mumbai with all necessary equipment, to perform grooming at door step.

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Cat Grooming Packages in Santacruz, Mumbai

Patmypets provides professional cat grooming packages in Santacruz, Mumbai. We have provided grooming for over 10,000+ pets across India already; book an appointment now to watch your furry companion appear more youthful and refreshed!

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How Does Pet Grooming at Home Works in Santacruz, Mumbai

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Pet Grooming in Santacruz, Mumbai Near You

Are you frustrated with taking your pet to the groomer and waiting hours just to have them cleaned up? Well, good news for Santacruz pet owners in Mumbai: pet grooming services can now be performed conveniently at home! No more travelling or long waits at salons. Discover how simple and straightforward pampering your loved ones without leaving your doorstep is at Patmypets.

Benefits of Pet Grooming at Home in Santacruz, Mumbai

Pet grooming is an integral part of animal care and hygiene. Home-based dog and cat grooming services offer several distinct advantages over salon-based services for pet grooming: personal attention is paid solely to each pet being serviced at once, which may lead to distractions or accidents in a salon setting; with in-home grooming, all focus is placed on just one animal at a time so their individual needs can be fulfilled more successfully.

How Much Pet Grooming Services Cost in Santacruz, Mumbai

Pet grooming services in Mumbai can vary significantly in cost depending on various factors. Your service choice, the size and the difficulty level of grooming all play an integral part in determining how much it will cost.

Basic grooming services such as bathing and brushing are more cost-effective than complex procedures such as nail trimming or haircutting. At the same time, specialized treatments for medical conditions or behavioural issues could increase costs significantly.

Pricing may differ between pet groomers depending on experience and location, with prices in Santacruz Mumbai typically falling within the range of Rs850-1600 per pet grooming session.

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