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Dog Grooming Packages in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

Looking for dog grooming services near Mahalxmi in Mumbai? At Patmypets!, we offer professional pet grooming services right in your own home! With over 10,000 pets groomed across India by our certified groomers alone, rest assured that your furry family member is in safe hands with us! So what are you waiting for – book an appointment now to schedule our services!

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Cat Grooming Packages in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

Are You Searching for an Experienced Cat Groomer in Mahalaxmi? Patmypets is your go-to option! With over 10,000 pets under our care across India, our cat experts have all of the expertise and experience required to ensure that your cat looks their very best! Get in touch now to make an appointment – don’t wait – book it now!

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Pet Grooming in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai Near You

Patmypets professional pet grooming services at home provide a convenient way to treat your furry pal in Mahlaxmi, Mumbai. Our experienced pet groomers come directly to homes to provide top-of-the-line pet grooming and attention to each and every detail, from paw cleaning and nail trimming to full body hair cut & brushing services – we cover it all! Don’t wait; make an appointment now to give your fur baby the VIP treatment they deserve!

At Patmypets, our basic grooming services for dog grooming include bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and haircuts. In addition, we provide premium packages including flea baths or de-shedding treatments.

Our cat grooming services include brushing and combing their coats to prevent matting, nail trimming and ear cleaning. Because cats can be sensitive creatures, our experienced staff will ensure they remain comfortable throughout this process.

Our extensive range of pet grooming services offers customized care tailored to each of your furry companions’ specific needs.

Pet Grooming Packages in Mahlaxmi, Mumbai

At our pet grooming facility in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, we offer cost-effective grooming solutions for both cats and dogs. Our rates depend on the services required, breed of your pet, size of your animal and more.

Dog grooming services start from Rs 850 for a basic wash and dry, which includes shampooing with high-quality products, drying, brushing to remove matts and mattings and brushing to reduce mattings. Additional services like nail trimming, ear cleaning and haircuts are available.

Our cat grooming services start from Rs 850 for a basic wash involving shampooing with non-irritant products that won’t irritate their skin. As with our dog grooming options, we also provide add-on services like nail trimming and de-shedding treatments.

our goal is to ensure all customers can afford quality pet grooming without breaking the bank. If you have any inquiries about pricing or need an estimate tailored specifically for your pet’s grooming needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We look forward to serving our community today.

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