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Dog Grooming Packages in Chembur, Mumbai

Fresh Pack @ 1100 850

✅Bathing with shampoo
✅Blow Drying
✅Nail Clipping
✅Ear Cleaning
✅Eye Cleaning
✅Paw Massage
✅Powder & Perfume
✅Mouth Spray
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Pampered Pack @ 1650 1250

Bathing with shampoo
Blow Drying
Nail Clipping
Ear & Eye Cleaning
Paw Massage
Powder & Perfume
Mouth Spray
Minor Haircut
Sanitary Cleaning
Under Paw Trim
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Full Grooming @ 2100 1600

✅Full Body Haircut
✅Bathing with shampoo
✅Drying & Conditioning
✅Nail Clipping
✅Ear & Eye Cleaning
✅Paw Massage
✅Powder & Perfume
✅Mouth Spray
✅Sanitary Cleaning
✅Under Paw Trim
✅Anti-Tick Shampoo if required
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Fresh Meow Pack @ 1100 1000

✅ Cat Bathing at home
✅ Conditioning
✅ Cat Blow Drying
✅ Spirtz of perfume
✅ Cat Teeth Cleaning
✅ Cat Nail Clipping
✅ Cat Paw Massage
✅Cat Combing/Brushing
✅ Cat Ear & Eyes Cleaning
✅ Cat Mouth Spray
✅ Cat Sanitary cleaning
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Pampered Meow Pack @ 1900 1600

✅ Cat Bathing with shampoo
✅ Conditioning
✅ Blow Drying
✅ Cat Nail Clipping
✅ Cat Ear & Eye Cleaning
✅ Cat Paw Massage
✅Cat Combing/Brushing
✅ Cat Powder & Perfume
✅ Cat Haircut Styling
✅ Cat Sanitary Cleaning
Under Paw Trim
✅ Anti – Tick Treatment
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Pet Grooming in Chembur, Mumbai

Are you tired of dragging your furry friend to the grooming salon, waiting for long hours, and dealing with the chaos? Well, we have good news! You can now pamper your dog & cat with professional pet grooming services at Home in Chembur, Mumbai. Yes, you heard it right! No more hassle of commuting or squeezing time out of your busy schedule – our expert pet groomers will come to your doorstep and give your pet the spa-like experience they deserve.

If you are looking for a professional pet grooming service in Chembur, Mumbai, look no further than Home Pet Grooming Service in Mumbai by Patmypets. Our team of experienced and certified dog & cat groomers will take care of your pet’s every need, from dog & cat bathing and dog & cat haircut to dog & cat nail trimming and dog & cat ear cleaning.

The benefits of pet grooming at Home in Chembur

If you are a pet owner, you know how important it is to keep your pet well-groomed. There are many benefits of grooming your pet at Home instead of taking them to a professional dog groomer. It is much more convenient and can save you much time. It can also be less expensive, as you won’t have to pay for the groomer’s time and expertise. In addition, some pets may feel more comfortable in their home environment during grooming.

How to Find the Best Pet Groomer near me in Chembur

If you’re looking for a pet groomer in Chembur, Mumbai, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. You’ll want to find a groomer who is located near you at Patmypets. Just search “pet grooming at home in Chembur” on Google and look for Patmypets to find a pet groomer near you. Pick up a time and schedule an appointment. Our local groomer comes to your Home and cleans the service area post dog & cat grooming service at Home.

Pet Grooming at Home Near Chembur, Mumbai

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