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Price of Dog Grooming in Shahdara, Delhi Starts at 700-1250

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Price of Cat Grooming in Shahdara, Delhi Starts at 750-1150

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Being a pet parent is about playing with your little furry and making many special memories. You care for their food and other necessities and receive unconditional love in return. Along with all this enjoyment, the responsibility is to keep your furry friend healthy and hygienic. You must ensure your pet doesn’t catch any infection; they must be clean and happy. All this can be achieved with regular grooming sessions. You can book pet grooming in Shahdara for professional grooming services. 

Signs of good pet grooming in Shahdara

Various pet grooming companies work in your locality, but how can you find out if the one you choose works well? Here, you will learn some signs showing your pet loves grooming. 

  • Clean and Hygienic 

After the pet grooming in Shahdara, your pet should look clean and hygienic. There should not be any dirt or gunk accumulation on its body parts. Your pet must be fresh and happy after the grooming session. It means your pet groomers are working well. 

  • Infection free

If your pet has gotten rid of any underlying infection or diseases, they had an excellent grooming session. Pet grooming provides solutions to various pet’s health issues and treats infections. Regular eye and ear cleaning safeguard your pet from many diseases. 

  • No more fleas and ticks 

Pet’s coat attracts fleas and ticks fast. If you regularly send them to the playground for a few days, they will return with fleas and ticks. Timely grooming in Saket will remove all the ticks and fleas from your furbaby’s coat and make him fresh and comfortable. Ticks and fleas can make your pet extremely uncomfortable, and you may notice it is scratching its skin. After grooming, your pet must stop scratching. 

  • Lesser shedding 

After the grooming session, You will not notice less fur shedding around your house. If your furbaby is shedding lots of furs and all your furniture and upholstery if covered with your pet’s hairs, it’s time for grooming. 

Booking pet grooming in Shahdara at Patmypets is easy. We offer your pet the most playful time during grooming, and they love our sessions. You can book an appointment for pet grooming in Shahdara from our website. Choose the services and select the slot according to your comfort.

How to know if your Dog & Cat needs grooming?

Various signs indicate your pet needs urgent grooming.

If you notice your pet is scratching himself 

Pets often attract ticks, fleas and bugs, which need to be removed immediately; otherwise, your pet will be uncomfortable, leading to several health issues. It’s the time when you should book an urgent grooming session with Patmypets in Shahdara

Your pet is looking dull and lazy. 

If you love your pet, you will always want it to stay spick and span, but when you take them on walks or playgrounds, they get exposed to dirt. After a few days, you will notice they become dull and lazy due to the dirt accumulation on their coat. It’s when your pet needs grooming to regain its charm and beauty. 

Gunk-filled long nails

Trimming your pet’s nails is a real challenge, but you can’t ignore it. Nail trimming is essential for your furbaby to keep him safe from joint pains and slipping accidents. The gunk deposit in nails can lead to various infections. So, book the nail trimming session when you notice gunk and long nails. 

When they scoot

Scooting indicates that your pet faces closed anal sacs and some infection in the anal area. You will notice your pet rubbing its bottom to the ground repeatedly, which is called scooting. Pet grooming services in Shahdara will help your furbaby eliminate infections and clogging. 


At Patmypets, full cat grooming session charges range from Rs. 750-1150. However, costs may vary according to the services.

Complete dog grooming takes up to 90 minutes. According to the services, you can check our website for the time required for grooming sessions. 

Full cat grooming takes up to 90 minutes. According to the services, you can check our website for the time required for grooming sessions. 

Dog grooming in Shahdara charges between Rs. 700 to 1250. The costs vary according to the services you choose.

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