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Pet Grooming in Saket

Does your pet hate leaving you for pet grooming in Saket? Do you feel him low and sab whenever you take him for grooming? It’s high time that you understand that your pet is facing issues with groomers and that you must change the pet grooming service in Saket. If your pet is uncomfortable with groomers even after many visits, It is not separation anxiety; something wrong is happening with your pet.

Various signs indicate that your pet is unhappy with pet grooming, and you need to hire some other pet grooming in Saket. 

Warning signs that indicate that your pet is not loving the pet grooming sessions .

1) Extreme fear

When professional groomers meet your pet, it’s normal for your pet to feel afraid, but if you notice that your pet is running away or looks pretty uncomfortable, it’s a matter of concern. Also, if your pet’s heart is pounding and there is a look of fear on his face, don’t consider it separation anxiety. It simply means your pet has some bad experiences with the groomer. 

2) Burns or cuts on your pet’s body 

Pet grooming is meant to relax your pet and treat any bumps or scars on the body, but if you notice new cuts or burns on your pet’s skin after the grooming session, you talk to the groomers. Occasional cuts are acceptable because pets move at the wrong time, which leads to minor cuts; several injuries in a session can be alarming. It means the groomers are not working properly. 

3) Groomers are not listening to your instructions. 

Pet groomers must follow all your instructions and conduct the grooming session for your pet accordingly. If you feel that the pet groomers neglect your instructions, they don’t value you and your pet. It’s a sign that you must look for other pet grooming in the Saket. 

4) When Groomers are not certified. 

Certified groomers possess all the skills and knowledge required for safe and best pet grooming in Saket. You must always check if the groomers visiting your house are certified. If the groomers are not certified, you must not allow them to touch your pet. At Patmypets, we have all the certified and highly experienced groomers who provide the safest pet grooming in Saket. 

If you have even the slightest doubt about the pet groomers, don’t ignore it. You should investigate and find out if your intuition is accurate. Your negligence can lead to severe issues. Change the pet grooming now in Saket immediately and book an appointment with us.


Dog grooming in Saket costs between Rs.700-1250. Various packages are available on the Patmypets website for our customers at affordable prices.

The cat grooming in Saket costs between Rs.750-1150. Various packages are available on the Patmypets website for our customers at affordable prices.

Pet grooming in Saket takes approximately 90 minutes for complete grooming.

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