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Dog Grooming Packages in Colaba, Mumbai

Get Best Dog Grooming Service at home in Colaba, Mumbai. Our trained professional groomer have groomed more than 10000+ dogs & cats across India. Once you book appointment confirmation, Our groomer will come to your house with all equpments and perform pet grooming.

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Cat Grooming Packages in Colaba, Mumbai

Get best cat grooming packages in Colaba, Mumbai. Patmypets have experience of grooming more than 10000+ pets across India. Book appointment and sit relax to watch your furry friend happy and refreshed.

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How Does Pet Grooming at Home Works in Colaba, Mumbai

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Pet Grooming in Colaba, Mumbai Near You

At Colaba, Mumbai professional pet groomer can come to your home to provide the best pet care while you relax. Patmypets offers full grooming services including paw cleaning, bathing and blow drying, nail clipping and much more at your doorstep.

Grooming and washing dogs is important.

Regular baths can prevent your dog from getting skin infections caused by allergies, fungi and bacteria. You can also get rid of any oil, dirt, or debris that may have built up on your dog’s coat.

Shear and Trimming for Dogs

Shear and trimming are essential parts of pet grooming in Mumbai. It can prevent pain, discomfort, infection, and inflammation in your pet’s nails and hair. This allows your groomer remove any excess hair that may irritate your dog’s skin.

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