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Dog Grooming Packages in Bandra, Mumbai

Fresh Pack @ 1100 850

✅Bathing with shampoo
✅Blow Drying
✅Nail Clipping
✅Ear Cleaning
✅Eye Cleaning
✅Paw Massage
✅Powder & Perfume
✅Mouth Spray
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Pampered Pack @ 1650 1250

Bathing with shampoo
Blow Drying
Nail Clipping
Ear & Eye Cleaning
Paw Massage
Powder & Perfume
Mouth Spray
Minor Haircut
Sanitary Cleaning
Under Paw Trim
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Full Grooming @ 2100 1600

✅Full Body Haircut
✅Bathing with shampoo
✅Drying & Conditioning
✅Nail Clipping
✅Ear & Eye Cleaning
✅Paw Massage
✅Powder & Perfume
✅Mouth Spray
✅Sanitary Cleaning
✅Under Paw Trim
✅Anti-Tick Shampoo if required
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Fresh Meow Pack @ 1100 1000

✅ Cat Bathing at home
✅ Conditioning
✅ Cat Blow Drying
✅ Spirtz of perfume
✅ Cat Teeth Cleaning
✅ Cat Nail Clipping
✅ Cat Paw Massage
✅Cat Combing/Brushing
✅ Cat Ear & Eyes Cleaning
✅ Cat Mouth Spray
✅ Cat Sanitary cleaning
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Pampered Meow Pack @ 1900 1600

✅ Cat Bathing with shampoo
✅ Conditioning
✅ Blow Drying
✅ Cat Nail Clipping
✅ Cat Ear & Eye Cleaning
✅ Cat Paw Massage
✅Cat Combing/Brushing
✅ Cat Powder & Perfume
✅ Cat Haircut Styling
✅ Cat Sanitary Cleaning
Under Paw Trim
✅ Anti – Tick Treatment
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Pet Grooming in Bandra, Mumbai

Pet grooming services at home in Bandra, Mumbai are an excellent way to keep your furry friend looking and feeling their best. Groomers offer services like baths, haircuts, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and more; plus they may suggest treatment options for any health issues that may affect your pup. Pet grooming services in Bandra should prioritize your pet’s health and safety, treating them with compassion and respect. They must be experienced in working with pets and follow proper sanitation procedures. No matter the breed of your pet, a professional pet groomer in Bandra can help keep them in optimal condition and prevent health issues from arising. Not only will they assess when it’s time for a grooming session, but they will answer any queries you might have regarding the process as well.

Finding a pet grooming service at home can have several advantages, such as stress reduction, time saving and quality of care. The ideal service will use clean equipment and supplies, guarantee your pet is comfortable during the procedure and identify any issues that might arise.

Benefits of Pet Grooming at Home in Bandra, Mumbai

If you don’t have time to take your pet to a grooming salon, consider hiring a pet grooming service at home. These professional groomer will come directly to your home and groom your pet for you. They may also provide additional services like massage baths and coat conditioning. They will also clean your pet’s ears, nails and teeth through brushing. Additionally, they use pet-safe products and a gentle shampoo.

These services are ideal for busy pet parents who don’t have time to take their pets to a professional groomer. Plus, you’ll save money since there won’t be any need to cover travel expenses associated with grooming services.

The Best Dog & cat Grooming service In Bandra, Mumbai

When searching for a pet grooming service in Bandra , Patmypets is one of options to choose from. Basic pet grooming services like ear cleaning and hair trimmings are offered as well as more complex ones like de-shedding treatment, dry bath, tick and flea treatment, as well as medicated baths.

The pet grooming areas are kept spotless after each pet service by your local pet groomer. Their staff is well-trained and has an in-depth understanding of animal behavior.

Patmypets, is one of the most sought-after pet grooming service at home in the area, it provides dog and cat grooming as well as boarding services. Pet owners can find a reliable pet grooming service by searching online or asking friends and veterinarians for recommendations. Additionally, it’s wise to read reviews from previous customers in order to gain insight into what other customers think of the service.

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