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Best At Home Dog Grooming Service in Nizampet, Hyderabad near You

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Pet Grooming in Miyapur, Hyderabad

Are you looking for pet grooming services in Miyapur, Hyderabad? You are at the right place. Patmypets offers you the exclusive pet grooming service in Hyderabad near you. We are a team of highly skilled professional dog & cat  groomers who are experts in their respective fields. We provide various grooming services, which include pet bathing, nail cutting, coat trimming, haircut, infection prevention, ear and eye cleaning, oral hygiene, etc. 

We are happy to provide our premium pet grooming service at home in Miyapur,Hyderabad. . 


Why does your pet need grooming ? 

Regular grooming is one of the basic requirements for every pet. It’s the duty of the pet owners to provide them with timely grooming sessions and help them stay clean and healthy. Pet grooming is essential to keep your pets tidy and away from infections. Pet grooming is necessary because:

  • It makes him look fresh and beautiful

Grooming your dog makes your dog look cute, tidy, and happy. It improves your pet’s appearance and makes him inviting to the people he interacts with. 

  • Detect early warning signs.

Regular grooming helps you detect the onset of any infection or health risk for your pet. You can check for bumps or lumps on your pets.. 

  • It keeps the pet’s skin and coats healthy.

Healthy skin and a healthy coat are essential to protect your pet from infections and invaders like ticks and flies. The pet coat and fur contain natural oils; when you brush the coat timely, the oil gets distributed evenly. It helps in maintaining a healthier coat and skin. 

  • Make a strong bond with your pet.

If you groom your pet yourself, It will enhance the bond between you and your canine friend. Grooming time is the time you can spend with your pet, and it is the best opportunity for both of you to come closer and bond with trust and love. 

  • Healthy joints 

Nail trimming promotes healthy pet joints. Long nails lead to the bad walking posture of the pet, which often leads to the falling or slipping of the pet. This can further lead to joint injuries. The trimming of nails and paw massage can help to maintain healthy joints for your dog.


Dog grooming at Miyapur @ patmypets is highly economical. We have various packages for our customers, and you can choose the services you wish. The packages range from Rs. 900- 1400. The haircut costs Rs. 1000, and the bathing at home charges are Rs. 850.

The entire grooming of the pet takes approx. 90 minutes. However, it also depends on the services you choose. Our website has all the details of packages and the time that will be consumed in each package.

Yes, Patmypets offer you complete pet grooming at your home. You can book an appointment from our website online or by calling our number.

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