Guide to Dog Behavior For Better Pet Parenting

Written by Patmypets 14 June, 2022

If a dog’s ears are backward and flat against her head, and she is  shrinking back to the ground trying to make herself small, she is  uncomfortable.


A yawn, a lick of the lips, and slow blinking are all signals that a dog  is uncertain or stressed. If your dog is frequently anxious or suffers  from separation anxiety, talk to your vet or trainer about a plan

The play bow is a great way for dogs to communicate with each other, and  for you to encourage your dog to play. Typically her body language will  be loose and wiggly with a wagging tail

When a dog’s entire body is stiff, her tail up in the air like a flag,  with her head and neck raised high and back, she is alert, suspicious,  and likely moments away from getting into a fight.

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A friendly dog greeting involves the dogs circling each  other with loose, wiggly body language. There are many situations where  you would need to introduce two new dogs